Our annual end-of-year fundraiser is live. 

Your donations help keep students in the door and in their practice.

2014/2015 Indiegogo campaign live now. With rewards and more.  We are creating a new model of education with your help.

The cost of higher education is too high- everyone’s talking about. It’s in everybody’s news feed. The cost of art education is especially too high…At SAW we’re doing something about it.We offer a deep, intensive quality education in comics at an affordable price.We exist outside the institutions.

We offer instruction, history mentorship, learning experience and creative opportunities- a deep, full education that gives students the a wealth of experience that they can take with them on their artistic paths.

You come out of SAW with work, work ethics, critical thinking skills, a history, and a vision. You don’t come out with debt.

This is the model that today’s young artists deserve. Students come to SAW who want to learn.

We’re able to provide this quality opportunity thanks to you. We’re not-for-profit. Your donations help keep these students in the door and in their practice. Your donations are tax deductible.

SAW students learn to write, they learn to draw, they learn comics history, they learn other kinds of media, they have visiting artists, they learn to print,
they assist on jobs, they learn from each other.

With your help we can continue these opportunities for students. With your help we can continue this model for the future.

Help SAW keep its doors open and help SAW develop this model of education where students and teachers interact – without the bureaucracy and middlemen of institutions.

This year we’ve got a poster and t-shirt this year designed by Ron Rege.

We’re also offering packages of all of the mini-comics by our 10 students -at least 20 mini comics- plus packages of those plus anything produced in our visiting artist workshops with Aidan Koch and with Ed Piskor.

We also still have silkscreened posters by Julie Doucet

Original art from our webstore.

Erin Curry designed T-shirts from last year.

Every donor of $10 or more will get a few riso zines thrown in.

What SAW is doing is important: important to our youth, our students, to artists our country. We appreciate your help in continuing this vision.

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We now return to our regularly scheduled pitch!

Hello! from the Sequential Artists Workshop, or SAW. A couple years ago we had the crazy idea to open a school; an informal, but serious school, with a curriculum to match any anywhere, but without the baggage, the loans or the politics of higher education. This was the challenge: to create an outpost of support and learning in the comics world. We’re here to educate students and support artists. SAW is a place you can come for a week or a year and forge your personal creative path in visual storytelling.

We Teach Comics!

We’ve taught comics to youth, adults, newcomers, to visiting students, and to artists and writers in other fields. And we’re proud of the amazing education we’re offering to our current full-year students, who are getting an excellent, full-time, intensive education in drawing, writing, reading, applied media, experimental projects and all things sequential art. SAW is a place like no other in the American comics world right now.We offer a fully functioning two-leveled studio; a stocked library of inspiration, reference and history; a risograph printing station; and first-rate instructors full of knowledge, talent, experience and generosity of spirit.

SAW Panorama

Study Comics. Make Comics.

Our students in 2012-2013 made hundreds of pages of story and artwork, co-curated more than a dozen art shows, collaborated with dramatists and comedians to create original theater, printed and bound thousands of copies of books, attended festivals; worked for clients; and learned in close proximity from our staff of working artists.

“I’d say I left SAW feeling like I got so much more than I expected or understood I would get. I got a deep, personally catered fine art education in the fundamentals that can push my own work and style forward.”- Jared Cullum, week-long participant.

“Your school and curriculum are fantastic…I honestly feel far more capable of writing something worth reading after a few classes … Also, Justine being so harsh is perfect. She actually teaches and builds on ideas.”  – Mike King, Philladelphia

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