Art of Edward Gorey at Orlando Museum of Art

Just discovered Edward Gorey is up at the Orlando Museum of Art (not too far from Gainesville) until Oct 31. Leela is down there now (for a bellydance conference.) Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey – Exhibitions – OMA – Orlando Museum of Art.

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What would be in your comix curriculm?

Seriously, we’d like to know: what would be in your comix curricula? I’ve been traveling New York City and emailing around asking for ideas, now I’d like to ask you. Your emphatic, impassioned pleas: more story, more genre, more levator scapulae, more spotting blacks, more traditional color, please, make the list go on and on… What do YOU think should be taught in a cartooning school?

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Comix “remakes” – Tom Hart on Julie Doucet

I did this particular page mostly because of the 2nd panel. Julie Doucet blew me away for a number of reasons, most was her sense of anarchy. That second panel was such a new idea: “This panel lasts for 10-15 minutes”! Even though it was Julie’s fantasy work that surprised me and knocked my wits aside in general, I have always remembered this panel, with its brazen and simple…

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Vanessa Davis sketches for the blog and flier

The fantastic amazing Vanessa Davis has agreed to do some of our marketing materials, including the website images and the in-process brochure. I asked for a cool lady going to art school for our central image. Here are Vanessa’s first sketches and some of our back and forth about it. Vanessa: Hi Tom! Which of these girls do you like? And/or do you want certain elements from one gal…

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Prison Pit


Johnny Ryan’s work is always working on a few different levels. There’s the provocateur, the self-taught craftsman and the rare creator who has this amazing ability to access a rich subconscious storehouse of imagery that I am jealous of. In the cultural comics landscape, he now occupies the same position the Ramones occupied in their field ; the antidote to the Prog rock tendencies of his contemporaries, the moody…

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Siegel and Shuster’s Funnyman: The First Jewish Superhero, from the Creators of Superman


Interesting essay on the origins  Jewish humor which earns points for ballsiness. My co-worker, after only a quick glance at the contents questioned whether it was an anti -Semitic book because it reprints so much anti Semitic artifacts  from the early 20th century, The book is from Feral house, so it’s full of their trademark love of the taboo. Oh yes, there’s comics too. The intro is really worth…

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