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Fundraising Perks: Original Art Pages

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These are the pages we have at present for contributions at the $400 level:

We have many pages of original art to choose from. Please see the blog posting here to see and make your choice in the comments field or email us personally. At present, the pages are:
3 from Nick Bertozzi, one from Houdini, one from Lewis and Clark, one from The Salon
1 from Jason Little, an amazing Bee page
2 from Nick Abadzis, one from Laika and another from a series of nursery rhymes coming out from First Second.
2 from Brendan Leach’s amazing Pterodactyl Hunters
1 Jon Lewis True Sawmp cover, lovely.

More expected soon from Brendan Leach, David Lasky and others. Stay tuned,

keep your eye here on the this link.


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  1. […] level you get to take your pick of pages by several different artists, including the cover of the TRUE SWAMP Trade Paperback from 1996.  It’s larger than my usual original art size, has one of my few employments of dry brush, […]