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SAW space-to-be

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We finalized our space and signed off on this great space, a former wood-shop behind the fabulous Civic Media Center, behind a Citizen’s Food co-op (with free coffee), next to the Display Gallery and across from the wild Church of the Holy Colors performance/art space.

It’s currently RAW RAW RAW, but will make a great one-room school house, with enough room for our library, tools, a publishing station and some drawing tables.

Last night at Display Gallery: Art show with Nate Powell, Derek Ballard and music by Cave Rave!


5 responses to “SAW space-to-be”

  1. Erin Curry says:

    That’s a perfect place for you guys! It helps my enthusiasm that you’ll be two blocks from my studio (across from the old Louis’ lunch), but mostly im happy yoou have a home for the school.

  2. Tom Hart says:

    Thanks Erin! We’ll drop by sometime. I miss Louis’ lunch- only went there once before it closed.

  3. josh bayer says:

    holy shoot, i love it, so great looking already, so proud to be involved in my tangential way

  4. Meredith Kite says:

    Such a good spot! Congratulations! And thanks for the cave rave shout out.