For attendees of the John Porcellino Workshop


Hi attendees of the John Porcellino Workshop:

Thanks for signing up, and we want to communicate with you some specifics regarding what you may need or want for the week.

  • Lodging: most of you have located some, or live in the area. Those of you who haven’t, please let us know if you would like us to help you find something, however formal or informal. Just email Tom directly at or else
  • Materials: John has given us a very simple materials list, which follows:”I think the students should bring whatever they feel most comfortable drawing with.

    –various pens, pencils, erasers, brushes, inks
    –preferred drawing paper
    –notebook (could be combined with sketchbook)
    –laptop if possible for research at library

    I don’t think it has to get much more complicated than that.”

  • Art store: There is a good art store nearby, Central Florida Office Plus (or CFOP), and they will have everything John tells us to order in advance. They are a 15 minute walk from SAW.
  • Itinerary: I believe the plan is to work from roughly 10-5 or 6 each day with a lunch break in between. I suspect John may take you on at least one nature walk, in which case, be sure to wear something other than stilletos or flip-flops.
  • John’s update: “I’m thinking start each day with a memory exercise, and some drawing.  Followed by going outside (weather permitting) to walk and draw from nature, notetaking etc.  After lunch, work more formally on comics, with time for discussion, and occasional trips to the library for research.”
  • Out and about: SAW is right behind a food co-op, and within a 5-minute walk to the Sun Center, where there is a good diner and a Mexican place, Boca Fiesta, plus Maudes cafe, a local favorite. At least two other cafes are nearby and a 5 minute walk: Volta and The Bull. The Bull serves food. There is also a Starbucks nearby, and The Lunchbox, a great little outdoor lunch place. Within a 5-minute bike ride or a 15-minute walk, you have all the amenities of a small college town. Lots of options.
  • Class size, refunds and cancellations: John and I will work to create an exact policy, but certainly that will include refunds if there is an emergency and you need to cancel. Please give us as much lead time as possible as we want to make sure to get people to take your slot if the workshop fills. The class size limit to be about 13 and is full. No refunds can be given after the start date.
  • Tattoos: If you want to get a John P tattoo, there are lots of places in town.

John P Tattoo

The class is full, and we are excited to welcome you all.