Two Grants! – Satchel’s and DARPA


SAW is pleased to announce that it received a grant from Satchel’s Pizza in Gainesville to further furnish The Sequential Artists Workshop. The grant was to assist in furnishing tables, lights and shelves. The “Satch Grant” has been funding Gainesville area charities and educational endeavors on a quarterly basis for over 6 years.

Satchels has always been a great part of Gainesville and we’re proud they acknowledged SAW with this gracious donation. You can read more here:


Tom Hart at SAW is part of a team working from a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency- they invented the internet) grant to help soldiers and veterans create comics and graphic novels online. Hart is partnering with E-Line Ventures, a technology and educational company and Outside the Wire, an organization dedicated to theater and storytelling for social impact.

Tom Hart will be working to create online scaffolding for users to enable them to get the most of learning a new medium. He brings to this project 10 years of teaching on the college level as well as to other age groups and populations.