Tom Galambos ArtWalk Show at SAW, Feb 24

Feb 24 for ArtWalk – Tom Galambos Show

Tom Galambos

We’re really excited to welcome visiting graphic novelist Tom Galambos to SAW. Tom is an artist of slyly deft craft and deeply felt humane stories.

Tom Galambos is a painter and cartoonist from Rochester, NY. He won a Xeric grant in 1996 for the publication of “from Hungary”, a comic about his parents’ escape from communist Hungary. His subsequent graphic novel, “All the Wrong Places”, was named one of the ten best graphic novels of 2001. Tom is also a painter of large scale figurative paintings, meticulous still lifes and a series of painted comics.

In 2010 Tom began to fuse his comics making and painting in a series of installations entitled “Instances” with artist Greg Lendeck. They combine narrative drawings, comics and mural painting. “Instances” has been installed in various iterations in Rochester NY, Canadaigua, NY and Corning, NY.

His comics have appeared in the anthologies Top Shelf and SPX 2000. He continues to produce minicomics.

Tom has an MFA in Painting from Washington University and lives in Rochester, NY with his wife and two sons where he works and teaches painting and drawing.