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John Porcellino Workshop Wrap-Up


John Porcellino workshop at SAW
My many many thanks to John Porcellino for coming to Gainesville for 5 days to teach, and my many many thanks to the 14 students we had during the week. You produced great work, great times were had, and many positive new comics-creating neural pathways were created. Thanks to everyone, and congratulations.

John Porcellino workshop at SAW

More photos on Faceybook and FlickrHello attendees of the John Porcellino workshop at SAW,

Personal note to all attendees:
I want to thank you ALL for coming from wherever you came from to take part in our first long-term workshop at SAW. I think it was a terrific success and am so honored you all put your trust in us.


If you’re feeling good about the workshop, we’d LOVE to get your public feedback, either on our blog post here or on our Facebook feed.
Please help spread the word about SAW. We want to make this a place where people can come often to learn comics, where people can make a commitment to their art and where artists can thrive. Your word of mouth means so much, please blog or spread the word anyway you can, thank you!
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4 Responses to “John Porcellino Workshop Wrap-Up”

  1. Jenny says:

    Studying with John Porcellino was so transformational! John is an amazing person, artist, and teacher. He has a gift of sharing and teaching that guides us to find ourselves and our own strengths, ways of doing things, and styles. I loved what I created in the workshop and I know that this is just the beginning of my blossoming as a writer and artist. The comics that my fellow students wrote under John’s guidance were so amazing and sweet and funny and well-written —oh, the words and stories are still lingering in my mind! John has such a talent in helping people to find the best in themselves and to express this uniqueness on paper.

    I loved having the opportunity to take a workshop at SAW. Tom Hart has created such a wonderful, inviting environment that made me feel like part of a community before I even arrived. His thoughtful emails, before the workshop, included offers to find lodging for me, to pick me up from the airport, and to answer my many questions about Gainesville—all of this hospitality made me feel like I was visiting an old friend even though I had never met or talked with Tom before I registered for the John Porcellino workshop. Tom hosted a potluck at his house on the Sunday before the workshop started and this feeling, of belonging to a community, deepened the whole week. It is a precious experience to meet people who are so much like me when I’ve been living my life feeling so different and out-of-place.

    I feel so incredibly blessed to have had this John Porcellino workshop and SAW experience/community and to have met my classmates/new friends. This past week has been a life-changing experience for me.

  2. Sharon says:

    Taking a workshop with John Porcellino was a wonderful experience. He is a generous, honest, and creative teacher who gives readily to his students, whether advice or life stories.

    He is also clear and articulate on how he had arrived on his own personal style of drawing and writing and gave us peeks into his process and even into his notebooks.

    The people at SAW were also awesome: from places to eat to where to stay for the week – there were many suggestions and ideas on what to do. Tom Hart had his bases covered. Leela Corman as host was also great. Nice venue too with that wonderful Florida light streaming into the studio. And the place is chock full of comics and inspiration!

  3. When I first arrived to the SAW workshop, I never had a true comics community (didn’t know what a ZINE was until last month!) and didn’t realize how much it had affected my perspective on the comics industry. Before my arrival to SAW, I felt that I needed sophisticated knowledge and instruction and possibly equipment to even create work anyone would read. I originally took the workshop just to prepare me for a potential submission to the oh-so-prestigious School for Visual Arts. By the end of the week, I met people with whom I had more in common than anyone in I’ve ever attended school with. I’m not even thinking about schools anymore.

    Listening to John gave me the courage to purge some age-old personal hang-ups regarding how my life as a comic artist in particular. He teaches you cost effective techniques that frees you from feeling tied to syndicates, editors, and other suppressive filters who’ve caused comic culture to rebel in the first place. While previous workshops I’ve attended gave simple academic instruction that remind me of my college art classes, John’s instruction came straight from his own experience and feelings. You feel more secure enough to make mistakes, try again, and eat a snack while doing so.

    Overall, SAW is a simple workshop with simple instruction in a simple town, but with extraordinary results. Can’t get any better than that.

  4. elvis says:

    I’m still riding on a strong wave of inspiration from this workshop!

    It was totally awesome, and I can’t recommend SAW more: the people (Tom Hart, Leela Corman, John Porcellino) are friendly, welcoming, great crew.

    The space is big and filled with COMICS, art, cartoons, and original work splashed all over the walls. It was such a great atmosphere to be in for a week, soaking up the comics-y goodness from every which way, and also a ton of intense Florida sunlight.

    I’ve come home with a renewed sense of comics purpose, serious artistic energy, and a whole new set of goals. Definitely check out SAW, and also remember that it’s a perfect vacation for folks in non-Southern climates, year-round!

    Thanks everyone! :-)

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