The SAW Single-Year Program

Help spread the word about our year-long program!

As we begin to add faculty and additional resources, we are calling on you, our readers and followers to spread the word about the SAW single-year program. Though the final schedule and plan is still in flux (you can always see the latest iteration on our site at the PROGRAM link above), we can say with certainty that the program will rival any program of similar length in the country. This is our first year and as such is offered at an extremely affordable price.

Many of you are already familiar with SAW, have already taken classes here, etc. You know that the space is good, the teaching excellent and the Gainesville artistic community vibrant. We are actively seeking talented applicants. Please let people know that they can contact us formally or informally about attending.

–Audio interview with Tom Hart about SAW:

Twitter: @comicsworkshop

Who or what is calling you?  – artwork from enrolled student Sally Cantirino