Tom Hart in the news

Tom Hart’s Writings, Lectures and Workshops

SAW founder Tom Hart has been busy lecturing at the University of Florida, including a workshop at this year’s ImageText conference and an upcoming appearance at Digital Worlds on April 26, “LiveVibe TV” where he is presenting his work in front of 30 foot screens of his artwork.  Click the link to find out how to stream that show live about or how attend live in the audience.

In addition, Tom recently outed himself as the “Shit My New Yorker Cartoons” blogger. Daring to criticize in intelligent detail the cartoons in The New Yorker, he found himself at the center of a bit of a movement of people who have found themselves disatisfied for some time.

You can read more about it at The Beat or go right to his critiques of the cartoons here:

In addition, work continues apace on the Department of Defense project, which involves creating a web-based portal and tool for veterans and service members to tell their own graphic-narrative stories. Links to follow.

Finally, Tom Hart’s Daddy Lightning will be out from Retrofit by the end of April.