Ron Rege and John Porcellino Workshops, Feb-March 2013

Ron Rege and John Porcellino coming to SAW in Spring 2013

Two Week-Long Intensives With John Porcellino and Ron Rege

Feb 25 – March 8, 2013

John PRon Rege

JOHN PORCELLINO: Feb 25- March 1

RON REGE: March 4-March 8


Dreams, Visions and Inspiration: A Week-Long Intensive with John Porcellino, Feb 25-March 1

John Porcellino is returning to SAW to repeat his amazing week-long workshop this winter! John will guide students in this 5-day workshop from blank page to completing their own mini-comic.

Last year’s students had an amazing time. They came from Seattle, Australia, Vermont, Georgia and The Gaza Strip, and many said they would do it again so space may be short!

In this week-long workshop, students will work with John from morning to evening, creating small works that they will then publish on Friday. Students will learn how John works, plans, looks to his sketches and notes for ideas and his vast stores of culture, art and nature for inspiration.

John’s work can be seen at:

Pics and a wrap-up of the last workshop can be seen here:

Feb 25- March 1, 2013, Sequential Artists Workshop, Gainesville, Florida

Cartoon Utopia: A Week-Long Intensive with Ron Rege, March 4-March 8

Ron has spent the last 4 years creating Cartoon Utopia, a book to answer all the big questions about the Energetic Universe by looking for details everywhere.

In this week-long workshop, students will work with Ron from morning to evening, expanding their minds and vision and translating their ideas and stories to the finished page. Rege has created autobiography, true stories, comics from dreams and histories and lately, intricate spectacles and essays on magic and the unknown. Students will get to work with Rege for a week, to learn his process and connect to the Cartoon Utopia!

We’re honored to bring him to SAW.

Ron’s brilliant work can be seen at:

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Important information about HOUSING:

Price does not include housing.

We will make every effort to house the participants in informal and empty rooms in friendly houses in the Gainesville area. If there is a charge, it will fall on the student. We will make every effort to keep this under $50 for the week. Most houses will be walking distance from SAW, but some may need bikes. We will try to accomdate this too. We will post more info as soon as we know, and email all participants personally with assistance in finding places to stay.

For those interested, we also recommend the Gainesville Zen Hostel, here.