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SAW 24-Hour Comic Day


Sponsored by CFOP

Oct 20! We will be hosting a 24-Hour Comic Event.

ALL ARE WELCOME, so long as you are there to draw, or be encouraging. Slackers and distractors will be shown the door (it’s right there in the front!)

Watch! Or PARTICIPATE! As our artists stay up from 10am Sat morn to 10am Sunday morn and create a 24-page finished comic!

More info

Event: 24- Hour Comic Creation Event
Date: October 20, 2012
Location: Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW), 18 SE 5th Ave at Main St., behind Citizen’s Co-Op
Description: In an internationally-sponsored event, Gainesville cartoonists will work 24 consecutive hours to each create, from start-to-finish, their own 24-page comic. Admission is free, and SAW will remain open the entire 24-hours. Non-distracting visitors, or participants who can only commit to a smaller amount of time are welcome.
Each year, more than 2,000 worldwide cartoonists participate in 24-Hour Comic Day.
Facebook event here.

Or learn more at the Official 24-Hour Comic Day page here.

Or just show up.


3 responses to “SAW 24-Hour Comic Day”

  1. Laura Martin says:

    Hey! I tried calling you, but I got voice mail. And I saw that you don’t know how to access your voice mail yet, so I’m going to try to ask my question here!

    I would love to participate in 24 hour comic day with you and the folks at SAW. I have done 24 hour comics multiple times, but every single time I’ve been the lone ranger and participated at home… on my computer, using my graphics tablet.

    Would it be appropriate to bring a computer and work digitally? Also, my tablet is somewhat large – it’s the Cintiq 21ux. Would there be enough space?


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