Justine’s Exploitation Class, Nov 15 – Dec 13


Do you really want to miss Barefoot Justine’s last workshop of 2012? Of course you don’t!


Join Barefoot Justine on a 5-week trip through the sleazy back-alleys of cinema, art, pulps and comics. For 5 weeks we will celebrate the mad geniuses of the genre, primarily exploring the long history of sexploitation. Over the course of each week’s 2 and a half hour marathon of fabulous fun and creepy crapulence, she will tour you through the forgotten playground of comics past. Learn to let go of political correctness and give your inner demons something to do… MAKE WICKED COMICS!


As part of your experience, Justine will be hosting a sexploitation film festival! That’s right, a new and sensational film after EVERY SINGLE class! What more could you ask for?


Join us every Thursday night from November 15th through December 13 (excluding Thanksgiving) with a final marathon class and film festival Friday December 14! And all for only $99!