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what do we do at saw?

Hello from the Sequential Artists Workshop, or SAW. A couple years ago we had the crazy idea to open a school; an informal, but serious school, with a curriculum to match any anywhere, but without the baggage, the loans or the politics of higher education. This was the challenge. To create an outpost of support and learning in the comics world.


We’re here to educate students and support artists. And we’re asking for your help to make this upcoming year as amazing as our past year.


View our entire history here: http://sequentialartistsworkshop.org/wordpress/about/our-history/


we teach comics
We’ve taught comics to youth, adults, newcomers, to visiting students, and to artists and writers in other fields. And we’re proud of the amazing education we’re offering to our current full-year students, who are getting an excellent, full-time, intensive education in drawing, writing, reading, applied media, experimental projects and all things sequential art.


You can see our success from our testimonials:

“I’d say I left SAW feeling like I got so much more than I expected or understood I would get. I got a deep, personally catered fine art education in the fundamentals that can push my own work and style forward.” – Jared Cullumhttp://www.hausohubris.com/?p=390

Anna Mack Quote


You can see more here: http://sequentialartistsworkshop.org/wordpress/about/testimonials/


we host art shows

We’ve hosted more than a dozen art shows and book releases, highlighting the work of great, often underexposed artists like Tom Galambos, Derek Ballard, Caroline Paquita, Justine Mara Andersen, Andre Frattino and more.

Here’s a run down of our list of shows and events: http://sequentialartistsworkshop.org/wordpress/category/events/

we partner to support artists

We’re building the connections that artists need to thrive. We fostering creativity and talent in our students, and we’re taking on the challenge of connecting our artists and students to the Gainesville community, and into the larger community of comics artists.

We’ve given TWO grants to comics creators, Jess Ruliffsson and Julia Gfrörer, with plans for six more.

We earned grants from a local community organization to furnish SAW and from the City of Gainesville to support a local fan convention.

We partnered with the Department of Defense to create a comics portal for returning veterans.

We teamed up with Departments of the University of Florida as well as the Harn Art Musuem and the Florida Museum of Natural History.

our support relies on your support


To do this, we’re asking for your help. Donations, to keep our lights on, to pay our evil landlord (super evil!), to keep our Risograph running. Every donation matters and helps as does every click to help spread the word . No effort is too small.

Your donations are tax-deductible though Fractured Atlas.

Many of our gifts are of limited quantity, so we are asking that you read the below, then visit our Etsy store to make your final choice. Put your specific requests in the comments field, or email us at thesaw@sequentialartistsworkshop.org

SAW Fundraiser on IndieGoGo

Gifts from Derek Ballard, John Porcellino, Vanessa Davis, Michael DeForge, Dash Shaw, Eleanor Davis and more!

DeForge Postcard


New Posters


New Prints


New Drawings

New Drawings


SAW Fundraiser on IndieGoGo



To our previous benefactors from 2010, thank you for your support.

We received great donations of books from

  • Kate Correa and Lisa Schwartzburg
  • Phil Weiss
  • Derik Badman
  • Annie Koyama
  • Tim Kreider
  • Jed Alexander
  • Top Shelf
  • Lou Copeland
  • Dan Boyd
  • Wow Cool

Furniture and supply donations from

  • University of Florida SA+AH
  • Travis Fristoe!
  • Central Florida Office Plus
  • Bill Bryson
  • Joe Courter and The Civic Media Center
  • The Citizen’s Co-Op
  • Satchel’s Pizza
  • Chris Fillie
  • Tomis Aycok
  • Pete Mejija
  • Sam Manno

Art Donations from:

  • Vanessa Davis
  • Trevor Alixopulos
  • John Porcellino
  • Nick Abadzis
  • Jason Little
  • Nick Bertozzi
  • Sarah Glidden
  • Alex Jansen
  • Ed Kanerva
  • Dash Shaw
  • Megan Kelso
  • Steve Weissman
  • Sam Henderson
  • Josh Bayer
  • Jed Alexander
  • Drew Weing
  • Eleanor Davis
  • Michael Deforge

Are we probably forgetting YOUR in-kind donations from 2012? Please realize this is temporary, and we will remember your specific efforts to support us, bang our hands into our heads and say “duh!” Then we will update this page. Please know your donations and efforts have all been graciously appreciated by the staff and students here at SAW, thank you!



The Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW) is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of The Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW) must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.