Ron Rege’s Pre-workshop curriculum

Ron’s been posting on Facebook, mostly, works and inspirations relevant to his week-long workshop here at SAW March 4-8 (2013)

Here’s a quick run-down, pulling from his feed:

*YES IT’S TRUE* I will be teaching a week long workshop in early March at The Sequential Artists Workshop in Gainesville, Florida. I am just now starting to imagine what this might involve – but if you are curious about, say – Jodorowsky’s Psychomagic, surrealist revolution, alchemical archetypes, or other aspects of pulling spirits through the chaos of the ether (in relation to comics?) then come on over and we’ll see what happens!

OK! So I am going to be teaching a week long workshop at SAW in early March! To drum up interest – I think I’ll start posting some things people should check out if they are interested in attending.

Maja’s Magic School

Today’s assignment: ME.
Read today’s Comics Journal interview and listen to me talk to Erik and Maja on Expanding Minds:

SAW WORKSHOP LESSON #2: Jodorowsky’s Psychomagic. I’m teaching a weeklong workshop at the Sequential Artists Workshop March 4-8. We will draw inspiration for our imaginations from the master trickster and his exhilarating practice of surrealist art therapy. Watch this if you plan on attending!

fyi y’all. My work is way more inspired by dudes like howard finster than jack kirby
Howard Finster’s take on UFOs.

(Watch the whole series!)


SAW WORKSHOP LESSON #3: THE BOSTON VISIONARY CELL. (I’m teaching a workshop at the Sequential Artists Workshop March 4-8 and will be posting some things here that students need to check out if they want to hang out with me for a week).

I made xeroxes for Paul Laffoley at the copy shop i worked at in the early 1990’s, so I’ve been aware of his work for a very long time. Although it doesn’t look like “comics” his meticulous way of organizing and presenting complicated ideas and information has always been a fascinating inspiration, and helped form my own way of presenting ideas and artwork to the world. This was true even when I didn’t understand one bit of what he is talking about. It turns out though, that after looking at it for 20 years, I suddenly understand that the Neo-Platonic, Alchemical, magical concepts of The Boston Visionary Cell are the same as my own, and are the same ideas I am trying to present in The Cartoon Utopia. and yes, I am from Boston.

Download the free pdf of the Boston Visionary Cell book. Read and be prepared to discuss it if you are considering attending my workshop!

“We . . . believe that the evocation of the mystical experience by means of symbols, which has functioned as part of the intentioning process throughout the course of human history, is the intended direction of evolution that becomes most expressive through visual art during those periods in history that are characterized by rapid change, e.g., the twentieth century, which has seen a series of movements from the Modern era to the Post-Modern era, finally culminating in the Bauharoque era.”

Download the PDF here


Pages and panels from Ron Rege's Cartoon Utopia

Pages and panels from Ron Rege's Cartoon Utopia

Pages and panels from Ron Rege's Cartoon Utopia

Pages and panels from Ron Rege's Cartoon Utopia