For incoming students of the John Porcellino and Ron Rege workshops

We’re excited to welcome you to SAW in the next couple of weeks. We want to share with you John and Ron’s list of materials you may want to bring and/or brush up on.

So far, John’s materials list is pretty small:

“I think the students should bring whatever they feel most comfortable drawing with.

–various pens, pencils, erasers, brushes, inks
–preferred drawing paper
–notebook (could be combined with sketchbook)
–laptop if possible for research at library

I don’t think it has to get much more complicated than that.”

Ron’s pre-workshop curriculum however, is much more complicated. Please see this link:

There’s a good art store, Central Florida Office Plus, near SAW. I imagine you should bring any tools you’re normally happy to work with.

Here’s a map of the near-SAW area. Click for larger view.

MAP of SAW Surroundings