Thank You for Donating!

HELLO from the SAW Fundraiser!

I'll Finish Dressing in Flight

We want to thank you all for a super successful fundraiser. Through various sources, including the indiegogo campaign as well as our Etsy store and private donations from near and far, we reached our goal for our fundraiser. So thank you!

It’s not too late to donate. You can go to our donation page here

We’ve been busy with too many projects here at SAW even to keep up with reminders about the fundraiser, which ended without ceremony as we were busy arranging an unaffiliated concert this weekend.

Your donations have allowed us to pay our rent for the year, and to invest in a 6-color Risograph which the students have already begun getting the hang of. We’ve been able to bring John Porcellino and Ron Rege here in the spring, and to offer sliding scale classes to many in the community. You’ve enabled us to be secure in our mission to and train students and support artists for one more year.

To you in the comics world who have donated, we thank you for your belief in us from states or countries away, and hope you’ll make it down soon for a week-long workshop or even our year-long program.

For you in Gainesville, a special thank you for being so embracing of our project down here. We’re honored to be a part of this fantastic vibrant community.

A special enormous THANK YOU to the artists who donated artwork:

Nick Abadzis
Jed Alexander
Justine Mara Andersen
Derek Ballard
Josh Bayer
Domitille Collardey
Leela Corman
Eleanor Davis
Vanessa Davis
Michael Deforge
Exit Deer
Tom Galambos
Sarah Glidden
Carrie Guss
Lisa Hanawalt
Sam Henderson
Alex Jansen
Ed Kanerva
Megan Kelso
Jon Lewis
John Porcellino
Dash Shaw
Drew Weing
Lauren Weinstein
Steve Weissman


And a thank you to our public donors, thank you:

Erika Nelson Christopher Miller Cristina Gonzalez Sascha Krader Rayne Hurzeler Richard J Tommaso Isabel Kraut Karen Green Dana Maier Nadine Saylor Katherine Sherwood Madeleine Fix-Hansen William Hart David Gruber Chris Cano Carrie Guss Aaron Cockle Dennis Pacheco Jessica Abel Yali Lin Alexandra Beguez Sarah Glidden Karla Holland Tessa Barber Danielle Hart Brendan Burford Kelly Froh Kelley Shields Adrian Pijoan Jennifer Ashley Jared Cullum Jamie Mayer Sharlynn Sweeney Sandra Lambert Cindy Steiler Eleanor Blair Ester De Jong Jessica Fink Sebastien Millon Iona Woolmington Donna Flanery Kimberly Ku Ellen Twaddell Elif Akcali Ariel Braverman Ceili Braidwood Nico Cellinese Satchel Raye
Paul Melancon William Bryson Lesley Gamble Rick Stepp Annie Koyama David Blumenstein Leonie Brialey Derik Badman Lauren Groff Sarah Fitzpatrick Simon M Priscilla Mullen Kevin McCloskey Margaret Pond Deanna Zandt Kate Drwecka John Kuramoto Ryan Mita