History of Comics Online Class

Starting Aug 27, we’re offering an online class:

Comics History 1 with John Ronan

14 weeks, covering 1750s to the birth of the comic strips

History of Comics

SAW History of Comics with John Ronan

This course will be offered live, Tuesdays, 11am-1pm, Aug 27-Dec 20
(No class Oct 15 or Nov 27)

Class will be conducted live at SAW. Affiliate students using the Google ecosystem: Google Hangouts, G-Chat and Google Docs. Instructor will provide presentations and readings, and lead class discussions.


John Ronan is a PhD candidate at the University of Florida. He has been an instructor at UF, is a founding member of Image/Text, has worked for Fantagraphics, is working on a folio about cartoonist Frederik Opper and has one of the biggest underground comics collections you will ever see.
Sorting the Undergrounds

Price: $99.00