Cartooning with Justine Class, Oct 3- Nov 7


Cartooning Class with Justine Mara AndersenSAW’s Introduction to the Wonderful World of Cartooning Come, play in the wonderful world of cartooning, the art of exaggeration. Learn the fundamental lessons and view the formative influences that can be the difference between failure and success in creation of a cartoon universe. We will study the process of developing cartoon characters and the worlds they inhabit. We will explore the hidden shapes and rules, and apply them to all sorts of fun projects from creating your very own seventies style cereal box to showing us what maladies look like when they turn funny. Join us, push your cartooning to the next level with Barefoot Justine and SAW. Useful, educational, and tons of fun!
6 Thursdays,
Oct 3 – Nov 7
6:30-9:00 pm