April 15 Deadline Announced for next Micro-Grant Round

Popeye One Way Bank


The SAW Micro-Grant was the first of its kind and we’re proud to open Popeye and Castor’s teller window one more time for an April 15, 2014 deadline, announcing winners on May 15.

SAW continues its commitment to offering small grants of $250 to practicing artists. Two small $250 grants will be awarded on or around May 15, 2014.

You do not have to write like us or draw like us or layout pages like us or take our classes. 

Eligible artists must be developing and dedicated to a current project that fits within the mission of The Sequential Artists Workshop (basically anything that is high-quality comics, a graphic novel, comics journalism, etc.)

Instructions for applying: please complete and sign this form and submit to SAW at the PO Box 13077, Gainesville, FL 32604.

NOTE: Beacuse of our small resources, a browsable URL is of utmost importance for our judges. We ask that the pieces of your project be viewable or clickable via a URL. If this is difficult, please make note of this on your application and include as much as possible in your proposal packet.

Include any useful or supplemental art/stories or information. We love mini-comics. Grants are chosen based on combinations of need and merit. SAW regrets that it can not inform all applicants of their application status. Awardees will be notified via e-mail or USPS and awardees will be posted on the SAW website. Applicants agree to allow their work to be linked and/or utilized on the SAW website -with attribution- for purposes of advertising the grant program, its winners and applicants as well as SAW’s mission to further excellence in comics and sequential art. Employees of SAW (as if!) are ineligible to apply.


  • I live not in the United States- can I apply?
  • Sure.
  • I make a million dollars a year on comics already and have a candy bar named after my characters. Should I apply? 
  • You can, but we’ll take apparent need into account when we review.
  • I did a Kickstarter for my book and just want to $250 more. Can I apply?
  • You can, but we’ll take this into account too.
  • I have a book coming out soon from a publisher, for which this grant will help me fly to SPX, etc. to promote it. Should I apply?
  • Sure. We understand the economics of being a small artist working with a small publisher, and mostly are here to support strong work.


Deadline: Applications must be delivered to the SAW PO Box by Aug 31, 2013 for the Spetember 30, 2013 grant. Applications received after that will be eligible for the April 2014 grant.

Please be aware that due to our limited resources, short-listed or honorable mention projects from the August 2013 round are are not eligible to apply in the April 2014 round.

To read about the previous winners and honorable mentions, click here.

Want to donate to the fund? SAW starts with a base of $500 for two $250 grants. Any donations made via this link will only go to the next (April 2014) SAW Micro-grant and are tax-deductible (we’ll send you a receipt by year’s end.)