Announcing Julia Gfrorer, March 2018


Announcing Julia Gfrorer at SAW March 5-9, 2018

Julia Gfrorer‘s comics are unmistakable, singular visions–narratives that ache with longing and despair, as poignant in their silences as in their actions. Whether she’s drawing stories about persecution in ancient Rome (“Palm Ash“), a dying sailor adrift in the ocean (“Black is the Color“), a supernaturally touched widow in a plague-ravaged city (“Laid Waste“) or an excruciating pornographic retelling of Poe’s “Cask of Amontillado” (“In Pace Requiescat,” with Sean T. Collins), Gfrorer captures the humanity in horror and the horror in humanity.

Reading her comics, alive with nervous energy, is like cracking bones to suck marrow. The Sequential Artists Workshop invites you to come plumb the dark depths of your inspiration with a master of the art.

Register now for a reduced price of $275. Or reserve your spot with a $75 deposit (deposits will go towards your tuition) and lock in the reduced price. Click here to register or reserve your spot on Eventbrite.

Julia Gfrorer at SAW

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