Our Faculty

Tom Hart
Founder and Executive Director

Tom Hart is the creator of the Hutch Owen series of graphic novels and books, and has been a core instructor at New York City’s School of Visual Arts for 10 years, teaching cartooning to undergraduates,working adults and teens alike. Among his students were Dash Shaw, Sarah Glidden Box Brown and other published cartoonists like Leslie Stein, Jessica Fink, Josh Bayer, Brendan Leach and many others.


Justine Mara Andersen
Justine Mara Andersen was mentored by and learned from top names in the industry, including such luminaries as P. Craig Russell (Elric, Sandman), Val Mayerik (Punisher, Conan), Frank Thorne (Red Sonja), John Workman, Jim Steranko and Jeffrey Catherine Jones, but struck out on her own to create her long-running series Mara, Celtic Shamaness for Fantagraphics as well as working as an inker and illustrator for DC Comics, Image Comics, Wizards of the Coast (D&D, etc.), Lucasfilms and other clients.


Leela Corman
Leela Corman studied painting, printmaking and illustration at Massachuesettes College of Art and is the author of three graphic novels. Her newest book  Unterzakhn, published by Schocken/Pantheon, has garnered rave reviews in The New York Times, Kirkus, Publishers Weekly and other places.


Heather Peterson
Writing teacher Heather Peterson currently teaches undergraduate creative writing at the University of Florida, where she is also finishing up her MFA in Fiction. She has a degree in Classics and Old World Archaeology and Art from Brown University and an M.A. in English and Creative Writing from the University of Lancaster in Lancaster, England. She lived in Boston, Rhode Island, Rome, and rural Vermont before moving here to Gainesville, where she is now working on a novel.


John Ronan
History teacher John Ronan has been an instructor at UF, is a founding member of Image/Text, has worked for Fantagraphics and is working on a folio about Frederik Opper. His comics history is unparalleled.

Supporting and visiting faculty to be announced.

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  1. Was wondering what art you did for dc and image? Was thinking about attending your school SAW

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