Testimonials! We got testimonials.

“I’d say I left SAW feeling like I got so much more than I expected or understood I would get. I got a deep, personally catered fine art education in the fundamentals that can push my own work and style forward.”  -  Jared Cullumhttp://www.hausohubris.com/?p=390

Anna Mack Quote

Best workshop I have ever participated in, hands down. I learned as a writer, a cartoonist, and as a teacher. …If you have any chance to participate in any of the various workshops, classes, or year-long studies at the Sequential Artists Workshop, you must! Tom Hart and Leela Corman have something special going on down there – as good a workshop as I’ve ever been involved with. - Justin Colussy-Estes

Your school and curriculum are fantastic…I honestly feel far more capable of writing something worth reading after a few classes … Also, Justine being so harsh is perfect. She actually teaches and builds on ideas. – Mike King, Philladelphia

“The teaching is just excellent … I can’t tell you how many breakthroughs I’ve
kind of made and strides of improving since I’ve been here,” Eric Taylor, Iowa, now Gainesville.


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How I know a week at @comicsworkshop did its job: I wake up every morning unconcerned with email, burning to draw & write. – Deanna, NYC

Totally inspiring and a few of us left awe-struck… I feel like the big thing I got from SAW was an intense drawing focus, & feeling that I can just dive in and work on stuff at anytime. - Elvis 007


Sally Cantirino Quote

“…don’t know much about “art,’ even though I’ve been drawing and writing for over 60 years. I always held the belief that “art” cannot be taught. But, looking over the SAW website, methinks that yours is the correct approch. Witness Justine, the very embodyment of the artist’s profile. I’ve known her for many years, and have been a fan from the very beginning. She is extremely gifted, and will be on hand to help your students open the doors of perception.” – Frank Thorne

Testimonials from Tom Hart’s students in New York City

Tom created a teaching environment that fostered open discussion, unbiased attitudes and a love for understanding how comics work and the kind of work we wanted to make.
-Jess Fink

You make comic stories, story telling so exciting and fun. I know I came to you with a crazy idea of writing a story. I don’t think I’d have embarked on such an ambitious journey without your enthusiasm, boundless optimism, and most importantly, a belief in the story.
-Anna K.

The way Tom teaches just electrifies my passion for making comics to an extent that I don’t often experience.
-Hillary Allison

Tom’s approach to education and guidance offers sensitivity and candor in equal measure. He offers technical insight across genre boundaries, adapting his criteria to each student’s goals and aesthetic preferences.
– Dan Strauss

Tom picked me up from my rut, showed me what potential I had as an illustrator, and kicked my self-doubt’s ass six ways till sunday.
– Carlos A

If you’re having a problem with your art or story, rather than spouting out answers at you, he’ll try to talk you through it and eventually draw a solution from you. This teaching style helped boost my artistic confidence and problem solving.
– Jon M

Tom is a magical teacher and all-around great guy. He did not just help my brain understand how to create a good comic, but also opened my eyes to tons of great cartoonists, provided advice outside of class time, helped me find a thesis advisor, lent me fantastic books, etc. (the list goes on).
-Jess Worby