“Shape up or ship out Beetle Bailey!” By Dik Browne. No, wait, Mort Walker

havnt done a entry for a while so lets take this at a bunny slope level, hahaw the other week I bought a little stack of used books -including “Shape Up or Ship Out Beetle Baily”, with the classic  image of beetle Bailey being beaten into an image of a pretzel  on the cover-( get it?) With its glib 1970’s simplified form, its tempting to forget that this goofy…

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Nikki Burch is someone I’m fortunate to have formed one of those internet friendships with. while It is sad that i have not yet met her in her person, my adoration of her work on paper alone is sky high. Because i can see how different her work is and how focused it is. Her voice is original, her style is strange, honest and labor intensive in a way…

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Cerebus Guide to Self Publishing (2010 reissue) by Dave Sim.

Cerebus Guide to Self Publishing (2010 reissue) by Dave Sim. Reviewed by Josh Bayer, 9-5-2010 Process is the key word here. This book is a celebration of the process, and a comment on the process and at times a commenting on the commenting of the process. But this should lead no one to believe that this book is a smug meta-fest, quite the opposite.  It is probably  one of…

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Prison Pit


Johnny Ryan’s work is always working on a few different levels. There’s the provocateur, the self-taught craftsman and the rare creator who has this amazing ability to access a rich subconscious storehouse of imagery that I am jealous of. In the cultural comics landscape, he now occupies the same position the Ramones occupied in their field ; the antidote to the Prog rock tendencies of his contemporaries, the moody…

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Siegel and Shuster’s Funnyman: The First Jewish Superhero, from the Creators of Superman


Interesting essay on the origins  Jewish humor which earns points for ballsiness. My co-worker, after only a quick glance at the contents questioned whether it was an anti -Semitic book because it reprints so much anti Semitic artifacts  from the early 20th century, The book is from Feral house, so it’s full of their trademark love of the taboo. Oh yes, there’s comics too. The intro is really worth…

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