Frank Frazetta Vs. Boris Vallejo… Resolved (expanded teaching edition)

For more, check out me, my art, and my site at … This is a lecture I have given every year at SAW, of course as any of my students know, my lectures are rather more like very well organized and colorful rants… dare I say… like pretentious, contentious, though no less than divine poetic experiences. by the way, my self-esteem is not really so grand as all…

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Writing Off Disney…?


A lot of things are on the list of things cool, hip, progressive, or intelligent people must feel obliged to dismiss and/or dislike. Obviously among those things would be McCartney, Star Wars (for some), and Disney. Of course, these are three of my favorite things, and I consider myself cool, hip, progressive and intelligent as well… so what does any of this mean? And what does it mean that…

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