Improv Comics from Principles Class

Every so often you have to let off steam after a long project. This year’s Principles of Cartooning students at SVA did a great job on their biographical mini-comics, that we took a session to do guided jam comics. The four below represent some of the best. All worked from a set of rules: the page layout is identical. Content was guided: Panel 1 had to feature a character…

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Oblique Strategies for Comics

Culling old notebooks and card-bins and trying to organize long list of strategies and inspiring instructions.

# A large block of text
# Summarize the most important part
# Narrated by a third party who we see
# Why so little suspense?

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Feiffer for beginners

Often I run into students who don’t know Feiffer or at least don’t know Feiffer well, which is a shame. Feiffer detailed the mind of a person in the middle of our society better than anyone, his only peer in cartooning maybe being Schulz, who used the side door of children as characters. Thurber did it a little, as did a lot of the cartoonists in the 50s including…

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