Year-Long Program

Come to SAW's intensive, affordable, year-long program in and sharpen your vision in Gainesville, FL.

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Tom Hart's Online Class Starts Feb 6

Feeling stuck? Like you can’t figure out which way to turn? Not sure which idea to build on? Are you overwhelmed or underwhelmed by your own ideas? Loosen up and follow your story ideas from beginning to end in this course.

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Apply here for the 2016-2017 year-long program in comics.

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Work for Clients

Hire SAW to create vivid, smart comics, animated shorts, book illustrations, or create visual learning materials.

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Justine's Thoughts

Commit to your art and define yourself with all your heart. Blog posts by Justine Mara Andersen, our life-changing drawing teacher.

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SAW Year Long Program

Do you want to make comics, but feel overwhelmed by your own dreams? Do you know your work isn’t good enough, but have no…

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Online Classes

Interested in updates on SAW Online Classes? Do you want to make comics, want to get better, but don’t even know where to begin?…

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We at SAW are happy to help non-profits, public agencies, etc. help get their message across. Contact us if you’d like help with your…

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10 bucks : $10.00 USD – monthly20 bucks : $20.00 USD – monthly50 bucks : $50.00 USD – monthly   Keep inspiring students in…

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The Wonderful World Of Wood’s Details

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.51.34 AM

In my upcoming on-line class about depth and details I will not be talking about the above image… though I should be. The truth is, I should have been including this image every year… but I haven’t. So, here it is now, a spectacular Wally Wood splash page. It’s not only chock-full of great details, it’s not only brilliantly and consciously composed and executed, it also demonstrates some methods…

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Behind the Scenes Online Courses


Stop Dreaming and Start Making Comics! We are really excited to be expanding our online course options.  Tom Hart’s online course has been running for two weeks now to great success. Our cohort has been exploring Tom’s methods of generating and committing to ideas. We’re busy building more and more online courses here! Justine’s DEPTH and DETAILS class launches soon here: and Jess Ruliffson will be launching a…

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Depth and Details Online Class with Justine

Depth and Details

Have you ever sat dazzled in wonder by the richly detailed worlds created by your favorite artists? Have you ever wondered how those God-like artists got all those details in there? Have you ever wondered how to get more depth in your drawings? Have you ever wondered how those detailed drawings never seem to look messy or cluttered? Have you ever felt defeated enough to say, “I could never…

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SAW Virtual Open House, Feb 22

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 7.25.51 PM

Hello World! You want to know things, and we want you to know things! Ask us questions, and we’ll answer them in real time. Want to know about living in Gainesville? Thinking about coming for a week-long workshop? Curious about online classes and mentorship? Hit us up during the Virtual Open House and you want have to wait for a response! We will “go live” as the young people…

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Announcement Re: Kurt Wolfgang

We would like to inform our community here in Gainesville, as well as the larger comics community, that Kurt Wolfgang / Kurt Holley is no longer on the Sequential Artists Workshop faculty. Kurt is no longer allowed on school premises or to attend SAW functions. The actions described in the police report are horrific. Violence against women cannot and must not be minimized or normalized. We hope his victim is…

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Comics for Writers Class

Comics For Writers

Comic for Writers 5 Tuesdays March 14 – April 18, 6:30-9:00 PM Tom Hart will be teaching this class specifically for people who already have a regular writing practice. We’ll be doing lots of comics experiments to learn how to use the visual medium in a rich way. I Love Writers! I’ve met a lot of writers who want to do comics. There are so many worries and things to think…

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Struggling with the Details in your Drawings?

Depth and Details

If you’re like me, you struggle with details and clarity in your drawings. When I met Justine Andersen in 2012, suddenly I had a mentor to help me. She is a brilliant artist and a generous teacher and I immediately hired her at my school to cover ground I couldn’t: the masterful control of space and technique in a drawing. Justine says: Have you ever wondered how to get more…

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Turns out that it is also EASY to program an entire festival with women.


This comes from one of my favorite people on Earth, Josh Santospirito. Josh runs “Her Majesty’s Really Great Favourite Graphical Festival” in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, once a year. This year, in programming, he decided to ignore men. Here’s his post about it. Festivale Directeur Flamboyante Josh speaking: I’ve been tossing up whether to publicise this stuff, but I thought it might be positive to speak about. The truly wonderful…

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