Year-Long Program

Come to SAW's intensive, affordable, year-long program in and sharpen your vision in Gainesville, FL.

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Apply here for the 2017-2018 year-long program in comics.

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Work for Clients

Hire SAW to create vivid, smart comics, animated shorts, book illustrations, or create visual learning materials.

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Justine's Thoughts

Commit to your art and define yourself with all your heart. Blog posts by Justine Mara Andersen, our life-changing drawing teacher.

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SAW Year Long Program

How can you make your work better? How do you become an artist?  The SAW Single-Year Program Whether your interest is personal stories, graphic…

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Online Classes

We are updating our online courses every day! Please click here for our online offerings. In our classes we’ll take you from inspiration and…

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We at SAW are happy to help non-profits, public agencies, etc. help get their message across. Contact us if you’d like help with your…

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One time donation to help us keep comics accessible to all: (click above to donate)  Or offer a sustaining donation to the cartoonists of…

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Busy final month at SAW

Traumics, UF Comics Conference

We’re into our final month at SAW, and everyone is working on projects, finishing books, planning future anthologies. In recent days, we’ve had a Skype zip-a-tone session with Steve Weissman, (that’s us in the bottom right, thanks Steve!)   and we’re anxiously awaiting Carol Tyler’s talk at the annual UF Comics Conference.  You would have to be a knucklehead, to miss Carol’s keynote address, Saturday night, 7 pm at UF…

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First student zines

Flickr Page of Student Work

Our first zines from the first semester are rolling off the risograph. Here’s a look at Ceili Braidwood’s Hai Tea/Tea Ku: The first Riso zines by SAW students are coming off the press. This lovely one, Hai Tea/Tea Ku by Ceili  send-me-letters  

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SAW Micro-grant winners, Sept 2013

We want to thank all the cartoonists, young and old, north and south, who submitted to the SAW Micro-grant this 3rd round, Sept 2013. The SAW Micro-grant was begun from an awareness that artists need to look everywhere to find the support and money they need to keep going. We wish we had more to offer, but so long as we have this micro-amount, we want it to help…

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Rich Tommaso’s visit to SAW

Thanks to Rich Tommaso, for coming to SAW to show his amazing artwork, to talk about his career, to speak to the Gainesville public, to use our space a little and to donate a piece for our gallery! SAW students listening to Tommaso and rifling through his sketchbooks: Scenes from the Art Show: Interviewing Tommaso at the Gainesville Library: Rich and Amy enjoy the Gainesville life: Rich getting some…

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Review of SAW minis at TCJ

Thanks to Rob Clough for giving some of our students work a close lookin’ at. Here’s the final, summary paragraph: The sense I get from SAW’s first year is that Hart’s aim was to create a collaboration and dialogue with his students, rather than create a rigid differentiation between the teacher and his pupils. With a tiny faculty and a small class size, SAW seems like a remarkably intimate…

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Article about SAW @ WUFT

WUFT and Ashira Morris did a great write up of us and other arts organizations in Gainesville. Take a look at the article here:

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Ron Rege’s Riso Comic made at SAW

Ron Rege made this book at SAW last March, and is offering copies for sale at his site. Read Below and order directly from Ron: *  I just got back the remaining dozen copies of VIBRATIONAL EXERCISE  *  It’s a set of 3 risograph  mini comics made during my SAW workshop this past March. * * * THESE ARE THE FINAL 12 COPIES! * * * (of the edition of 100) Set of three…

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Why you should study at SAW

Why you should study at SAW: SAW is a place like no other in the American comics world right now. An intensive, informal school; a fully functioning two-leveled studio; a stocked library of inspiration, reference and history; a risograph printing station; and first-rate instructors full of knowledge, talent, experience and generosity of spirit.   At SAW we teach more than comics and graphic novels and more than just drawing…

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