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Come to SAW's intensive, affordable, year-long program in and sharpen your vision in Gainesville, FL.

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Apply here for the 2017-2018 year-long program in comics.

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Hire SAW to create vivid, smart comics, animated shorts, book illustrations, or create visual learning materials.

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Justine's Thoughts

Commit to your art and define yourself with all your heart. Blog posts by Justine Mara Andersen, our life-changing drawing teacher.

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SAW Year Long Program

How can you make your work better? How do you become an artist?  The SAW Single-Year Program Whether your interest is personal stories, graphic…

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Online Classes

We are updating our online courses every day! Please click here for our online offerings. In our classes we’ll take you from inspiration and…

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We at SAW are happy to help non-profits, public agencies, etc. help get their message across. Contact us if you’d like help with your…

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One time donation to help us keep comics accessible to all: (click above to donate)  Or offer a sustaining donation to the cartoonists of…

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Guido Crepax & Me

Barefoot Justine, Crepax sketch, final

Visit for more… I’m going to walk you through the thinking that has gone into one of my recent pieces, thought by thought and step by step I will break it down, both the thought process, and the physical process. The genesis of this work came when I was approached about doing a Guido Crepax tribute piece (Valentina in particular) that will be in a collection from Fantagraphics….

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Frank Frazetta Vs. Boris Vallejo… Resolved (expanded teaching edition)

For more, check out me, my art, and my site at … This is a lecture I have given every year at SAW, of course as any of my students know, my lectures are rather more like very well organized and colorful rants… dare I say… like pretentious, contentious, though no less than divine poetic experiences. by the way, my self-esteem is not really so grand as all…

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Writing Off Disney…?


A lot of things are on the list of things cool, hip, progressive, or intelligent people must feel obliged to dismiss and/or dislike. Obviously among those things would be McCartney, Star Wars (for some), and Disney. Of course, these are three of my favorite things, and I consider myself cool, hip, progressive and intelligent as well… so what does any of this mean? And what does it mean that…

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Gainesville Arts Pride Round Up 1

Gainesville Pride

Wax Wings:   Lauren Groff and her amazing new book:   Erin Curry   Cindy Steiler   Padgett Powell and Former Student and now Harpers Story Writer Becca Evanhoe   Margaret Tolbert   Little Jake Mitchell and the Soul Searchers   I love the Gainesville Arts Scene – Lots more to come!  

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Views from our new space, new year

Views from New SAW

  New year, new space Thank you! Dear Friends, The new school year has started with lots of excitement and we couldn’t have done it without you and your support. Your support and interest has enabled us to expand our services to even more students this year. We’ve welcomed 15 full-time students and expanded our space into this gorgeous old roofing building you can see in the pictures below….

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Aidan Koch Workshop 2015

Aidan Koch came in March 2015 and taught an amazing workshop. 10 or more of us crammed into SAW every day for a fascinating lecture on drawing, storytelling, contemporary art, and were set loose to work on assignments each day. Everyone had a mind-expanding time. Thanks so much to Aidan for coming to SAW to teach!

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Scenes from the Aidan Koch workshop, day 1

After a morning of showing her work, and detailing many of the processes in creating The Whale, The Blonde Woman, Q and other comics, Aidan Koch led the SAW attendees through a small and powerful exercise. Lots of drawing outside onto prescribed pages. We had to look for specific content: exteriors, movement sequences, faces, etc.   These sneakers showed up in at least three comics:     Aidan doing…

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