Updates About Laura Park’s Upcoming Workshop!

Laura Park March 2016 at SAW

Hey! A few of you have asked about what Laura’s planning on covering, so here are a few snippets: Lettering: Laura will take guide you through the basics of developing an alphabet. Then, take you beyond the basics to consider how lettering gives an extra emotional depth to comics and lettering a compositional tool. Color: Aside from watercolor demos, Laura will talk on color’s role in telling a story. She’ll walk you through, “Things…

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Nicole Rifkin’s on Creating Visual Essays


We did a FB Live broadcast of the Nicole Rifkin‘s talk today at SAW (our first, so excuse the, err, “videography”). During the talk, Nicole broke down the process of developing a visual essay for publication. Her talk is full of insights into telling stories visually, and we’re honored to have had Nicole speak at SAW. Also, aside from being a top-notch illustrator for places like the New Yorker and Fast…

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Evening Classes starting in 2017

James Turek Artwork

We’re very excited to have James Turek over here from Germany teaching two 6-week classes January-February. His new book just came out from Avant-Verlag. Tuesdays, Watercolor for Cartoonists. 6:30-9:00 Starting Jan 17 (6 sessions) Learning watercolor fundamentals with a focus on coloring comics and illustrations. A basic to intermediate exploration of form and light. Also scanning and digital correction techniques. Hurrah!     Sliding Scale – ability to pay Option 1 $125.00…

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Upcoming classes and Workshops!


Upcoming Classes and Workshops! Get Your Worry On! We’re super excited to announce our spring workshop visiting artist will be Laura Park! Feb 27- Mar 3, 2017 Critic Rob Clough says, “Park is unquestionably one of the most skilled cartoonists around. She’s best known for illustrating other people’s projects for a living, but her own autobio comics are at once funny, heart-breaking and sharply observed. Her self-caricature is one…

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Life is short, make comics. (Part II)


The first month of SAW, Dylan Horrocks came. In his lecture he talked about how physical drawing was (a sentiment Leela echoed throughout the year). He likened it to singing and said that like a singer, you have to do scales and warm up. Seeing him redraw entire pages, was so freeing—if he didn’t get it right the first time, why should I? So much of what I learned…

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Presentations on Humanizing


We showed two Presentation and homework for November 28, 2016. For those who missed it we watched two film essays, and discussed with grim sadness the situation in Allepo, through the twitter feed of the 7-year old girl, Bana Alabed, who I pray is alive when you read this. Below are the films and some quick points I gleaned from them. Some notes I took: -It’s about the emotional…

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Life is short, make comics. (Part I)

It was published in Ink Brick #3.

  Does this sound like you? For a few years before SAW, my creative life was not going so well. I had an OK-could-be-more-frequent-more-discliplined studio practice. I had a healthy journaling practice. Every once in a while I’d get struck by lightning. An entire comic would come to my mind’s eye and I’d put it down. I still felt unsure about whether I really wanted to make comics. Most of…

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Dec. 3rd Tarot Workshop


Are you curious about Tarot? A Tarot lover? Well did you know that the Tarot can be used not only for prediction and personal growth, but also as a tool for unlocking your imagination and creativity?Join us for a 3 hour hands-on Tarot writing & drawing workshop, with Aliza Einhorn, Tarot Reader and Astrologer. -no Tarot or writing/artistic skill required -please bring something to write with (pencil, pen, markers,…

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Our Spring Visiting Artist Workshop: Laura Park!

Laura Park March 2016 at SAW

We’re super excited to announce our spring workshop visiting artist will be Laura Park! Feb 27- Mar 3, 2017 A master of autobio comics, watercolor, lettering, and inking, Laura Park will help you refine your technical and storytelling skills during her weeklong workshop at SAW. The workshop will be heavy on demonstrations and exercises, with one-on-one critiques. Here’s a few snippets of what Laura will cover during the workshop:…

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Drawing on Location Class, Oct-Dec


Tuesdays: Drawing on Location with Jess Ruliffson Gainesville becomes our classroom in this observational-focused drawing class. Students will choose to pursue study of figure and perspective in either gestural or formal techniques. Emphasis is placed on connecting with visual perceptions and recognizing drawing habits. Teacher will give demonstrations in various mediums including pastel, ink wash, brush pen, and graphite pencil. Work will be critiqued at the close of each session….

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