Justine’s Journey to SAW

Justine's Thoughts

You can see more of this post at Justine’s website, here. THREE: The Art Of “What The Lions Saw”: Justine lands in Gainesville Mike Lenz, a Blues musician and formidable guitarist from Akron dumped some truth on a mother who wanted advice for her son. She asked him, “What advice do you have for a young guitar player and musician?” Mike said, “Work hard, learn all he can, sacrifice,…

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Views from our new space, new year

Views from New SAW

  New year, new space Thank you! Dear Friends, The new school year has started with lots of excitement and we couldn’t have done it without you and your support. Your support and interest has enabled us to expand our services to even more students this year. We’ve welcomed 15 full-time students and expanded our space into this gorgeous old roofing building you can see in the pictures below….

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Thank you to the SAW teachers

I want to thank here the many fantastic teachers who have walked into my life here at SAW, whose role I could never have predicted when I began thinking about the place in 2010. These great teachers and inspiring artists have made SAW a haven, a beacon, a caldron – a place for students to work hard and learn this form. Justine Mara Andersen First, my amazing friend Justine…

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Tom Hart interviewed at The Comics Reporter

Tom Spurgeon interviewed me in Decemeber for his end of the year series of interviews. http://www.comicsreporter.com/index.php/cr_holiday_interview_7_tom_hart/ Here’s a sample: SPURGEON: “You mentioned earlier your own development as a cartoonist, and then kind of referenced that just now. I wonder if you could talk about where you think you are. I always think of you as a cartoonist that’s worked out of a specific set of values for your work, not…

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History of the Sequential Artists Workshop, 2012

The IRS is requiring a list of our events and history, so we thought we’d share it here: Narrative Description of our Activities. We have supported our mission of nurturing and educating sequential artists and promoted sequential art and sequential art literacy in our culture in the following ways: 2011 Published Seriously Comics and Isra, two single-issue newspapers in advance of SAW official Florida opening. Promoted via the internet…

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A Day in the Life of SAW

Been using SAW as a studio, teaching space, comics resource library. Each day is filled with visitors, conversation as well as great work time. Some recent scenes: Sculptor Erin Curry comes in with a home made kite, the size and shape of a mardi-gras mask. I showed Erin some Lumakick by Richard Hahn and also a series of books by Warren Craghead. I love showing new work to people….

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