The Process, Justine’s Odysseus Pages

Odyssey JMA Page 1

This entry originally appeared on my blog at 1 of 6: In these 6 entries I am going to walk you step by step through the process I went through to create 6 of the 17 pages I pencilled and inked for the upcoming “The Odyssey Of Sergeant Jack Brennan” graphic novel. This is a DARPA funded project intended to assist veterans with PTSD. The power of myth…

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Guido Crepax & Me

Barefoot Justine, Crepax sketch, final

Visit for more… I’m going to walk you through the thinking that has gone into one of my recent pieces, thought by thought and step by step I will break it down, both the thought process, and the physical process. The genesis of this work came when I was approached about doing a Guido Crepax tribute piece (Valentina in particular) that will be in a collection from Fantagraphics….

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Frank Frazetta Vs. Boris Vallejo… Resolved (expanded teaching edition)

For more, check out me, my art, and my site at … This is a lecture I have given every year at SAW, of course as any of my students know, my lectures are rather more like very well organized and colorful rants… dare I say… like pretentious, contentious, though no less than divine poetic experiences. by the way, my self-esteem is not really so grand as all…

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Writing Off Disney…?


A lot of things are on the list of things cool, hip, progressive, or intelligent people must feel obliged to dismiss and/or dislike. Obviously among those things would be McCartney, Star Wars (for some), and Disney. Of course, these are three of my favorite things, and I consider myself cool, hip, progressive and intelligent as well… so what does any of this mean? And what does it mean that…

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