Behind the Scenes Online Courses


Stop Dreaming and Start Making Comics! We are really excited to be expanding our online course options.  Tom Hart’s online course has been running for two weeks now to great success. Our cohort has been exploring Tom’s methods of generating and committing to ideas. We’re busy building more and more online courses here! Justine’s DEPTH and DETAILS class launches soon here: and Jess Ruliffson will be launching a…

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Depth and Details Online Class with Justine

Depth and Details

Have you ever sat dazzled in wonder by the richly detailed worlds created by your favorite artists? Have you ever wondered how those God-like artists got all those details in there? Have you ever wondered how to get more depth in your drawings? Have you ever wondered how those detailed drawings never seem to look messy or cluttered? Have you ever felt defeated enough to say, “I could never…

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SAW grab bag of links

Recent videos that got our attention: First, the last 10 minutes of History Class at SAW with John Ronan this week, as he gives the students a brief look at the Undergrounds, in anticipation of next semester. You’ll be able to take Ronan’s class next semester online, click here for more info.      T. Edward Bak speaks at SAW More pics here Simple story from Ricky Gervais, who…

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History of Comics Online Class

Starting Aug 27, we’re offering an online class: Comics History 1 with John Ronan 14 weeks, covering 1750s to the birth of the comic strips SAW History of Comics with John Ronan This course will be offered live, Tuesdays, 11am-1pm, Aug 27-Dec 20 (No class Oct 15 or Nov 27) Class will be conducted live at SAW. Affiliate students using the Google ecosystem: Google Hangouts, G-Chat and Google Docs….

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Golden Age week at SAW

They’re covering the Golden Age stuff at SAW this week, so thought we’d share these links. From instructor John Ronan: Everything on this guys site is awesome, but here are some milestone comics we have been discussing. The link leads to the cover, but the whole comic book is scanned. Action Comics #1 (September 1938): Detective Comics #27 (1st Batman, May, 1939): Superman Dailies origin (1939):…

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Oblique Comix Strategies

Oblique Comix Strategies time to revisit these  A large block of text Summarize the most important part Narrated by a third party who we see Why so little suspense? Foreigners, their language(s) Blank spaces, blank panels Duplicate panels Give character what she wants but make her work for it Work as someone who doesn’t love (      ). Description, description, description. But it falls away under too much scrutiny. Announce…

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Justine’s online tutoring overlays

We thought we’d take this opportunity to show more of what you get when you sign up with SAW’s online tutoring and work with Justine on your artwork. Elvis, whose work can be seen at their great blog came and studied with us in October and then signed on to work with Justine (whose own work can be see at ) to shore up their drawing, compositional and finishing skills….

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SAW Low-Residency Week October 15-19


For anyone who might be interested in our Low-Residency week happening October 15-19, 2012 at SAW in Gainesville, FL We’re getting excitement and commitments from a number of interesting artists and hope you’ll consider it yourself or otherwise spread the word. You’ll begin if you like with online tutoring with Justine Mara Andersen and Tom Hart, then come to SAW in October to get your project the boost it…

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Justine’s Overlays

Justine has been tutoring her Gainesville students in inking techniques. Our student C.J. has allowed us to show her art and Justine’s overlays. Justine and I always work with our students in person and online, to help them articulate their ideas in the best and clearest way possible. These are great examples.

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