Keith Mayerson article

Been hard at work writing this article about one of SVA’s favorite teachers, Keith Mayerson. Here’s an early bit as I hack through the transcript “I’m on the ‘Have my cake and eat it too’ plan, where you can have content, make work that’s about something, but unlike post-modernity where they were worried that beauty would seduce you to put your brains in a bag and not think about…

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Visiting Dash Shaw in the studio

Stephanie was dispatched this week over to interview Dash Shaw for Seriously, Comics. Not sure what they discussed, but she sent some pics. This is a good time to remind you all of Dash and John Cameron Mitchell’s kickstarter for the animation project that is hinted at in these pics and can be learned about here:

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Oblique Strategies for Comics

Culling old notebooks and card-bins and trying to organize long list of strategies and inspiring instructions.

# A large block of text
# Summarize the most important part
# Narrated by a third party who we see
# Why so little suspense?

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