Instant Success!

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Instant Success! Our 4 upcoming online courses maybe be in-depth, but you will learn RIGHT AWAY. What will you learn from  Aliza Einhorn, Justine Andersen, Jim Higgins, and the Snakes Community? Here’s what I learned instantly from these teachers… Aliza Einhorn Aliza told me to pay a little less attention to the Major Arcana (I was obsessed). Instant success!  The Minor Arcana are so deep!She told me the 4s are often cards of…

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Turns out that it is also EASY to program an entire festival with women.


This comes from one of my favorite people on Earth, Josh Santospirito. Josh runs “Her Majesty’s Really Great Favourite Graphical Festival” in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, once a year. This year, in programming, he decided to ignore men. Here’s his post about it. Festivale Directeur Flamboyante Josh speaking: I’ve been tossing up whether to publicise this stuff, but I thought it might be positive to speak about. The truly wonderful…

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You have to go back in for the snakes

pee wee snakes

When you are writing or making art, sometimes you are not addressing the real issues. Why are you making it? What is compelling you to tell this story? What hurts, scares or haunts you? You can’t just rescue the gerbils, the bunnies and the kitties. YOU HAVE TO GO BACK FOR THE SNAKES.     Thanks to Megan Kelso and Tim Krieder.

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Carol Tyler Visit to SAW

Carol Tyler Flickr Set

Our many thanks to Carol Tyler for gracing SAW with her expert critiquing, a preview and behind-the-scenes look at the complete version of You’ll Never Know and more. She drew Molly Rose, discussed the undergrounds with history teacher John Ronan, and made a pen out a sea gull feather. Carol is a true true artist, with power and longevity. She gave us so much by being here. Our many…

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Busy final month at SAW

Traumics, UF Comics Conference

We’re into our final month at SAW, and everyone is working on projects, finishing books, planning future anthologies. In recent days, we’ve had a Skype zip-a-tone session with Steve Weissman, (that’s us in the bottom right, thanks Steve!)   and we’re anxiously awaiting Carol Tyler’s talk at the annual UF Comics Conference.  You would have to be a knucklehead, to miss Carol’s keynote address, Saturday night, 7 pm at UF…

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Visting Artist: Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels

Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, who’s lovely Meteorologie show (painting above) was just up at FLA Gallery here in Gainesville stopped by on her way out of town to do some Riso printing. I am always glad to offer the studio space to creative, adventurous artists (See Erin Curry’s amazing abstract comic, for instance. What Serra did is create little gems of geometric prints in flat gold on card and…

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Scenes from the Andre Frattino release party

Last week’s Andre Frattino book launch party for The Reaper of St George Street was so good we’re still recovering, just now putting up pics. Thanks Andre for coming by, thanks Bobby for spinning amazing music, and thank you to everyone who came by! He sold all these books! Thanks again Andre! Thanks Pineapple Press! (Photos by Majed, thanks Majed!)

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