ONLINE OPEN HOUSE! June 5, 8 pm!

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 1.03.12 PM Ever wish you could see SAW for yourself? Peek inside the crazy comics clubhouse that is the Sequential Artists Workshop this Monday for a Facebook Live Open House. You’ll meet Tom Hart, SAW founder and author of the NYT best-selling graphic memoir Rosalie Lightning, plus SAW students, alumni and other cartoonists who make up our vibrant community. During the Open House, SAW cartoonists will show you our drool-worthy…

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Online Testimonials 1

Our first round of testimonials, for Tom Hart’s Storytelling Flow From Storytelling Flow: “I’m really pleased with how quickly a (somewhat) cogent plot has developed from minimal voluntary invention on my part. …Another thing that is interesting about this is that it’s started me sketching again, which I honestly have not done to any great degree in probably five or six years.” – Theodore Malian   “It’s a lot more…

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SAW Virtual Open House, Feb 22

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 7.25.51 PM

Hello World! You want to know things, and we want you to know things! Ask us questions, and we’ll answer them in real time. Want to know about living in Gainesville? Thinking about coming for a week-long workshop? Curious about online classes and mentorship? Hit us up during the Virtual Open House and you want have to wait for a response! We will “go live” as the young people…

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Life is short, make comics. (Part I)

It was published in Ink Brick #3.

  Does this sound like you? For a few years before SAW, my creative life was not going so well. I had an OK-could-be-more-frequent-more-discliplined studio practice. I had a healthy journaling practice. Every once in a while I’d get struck by lightning. An entire comic would come to my mind’s eye and I’d put it down. I still felt unsure about whether I really wanted to make comics. Most of…

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Friday Night, The Witching Hour Art Show!


A group exhibit of art from cartoonists all over the world around the theme of “the witching hour.” The exhibit will be open from 7 – 10pm with tarot readings, art installations and a purifying ritual involving the summoning of Bob Ross. Tarot readings by Sally Cantirino, Roxanne Palmer and Maxine Worthy for $3 with (proceeds going to SAW).

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Lives you’ve helped change…

YOU help our students succeed.  Need more proof that your donation helps? Thanks to you, here’s how you’ve changed some of our artists’ lives. “The teachers at The Sequential Artist’s Workshop work with you individually and as a group to address all of these areas of concern and foster growth by equipping you with new sources of inspiration, tools, techniques and of course, with knowledge. Perhaps most importantly, SAW’s…

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2014-2015 Round Up!

The 2014-2015 year is over and what a great year we had. A quick round up! View lots more pics on Flickr here   The class after the first figure drawing class   First sharing of work in Justine’s class   Exploring the Risograph’s mechanics.   Leela leads them through more figure drawing. Josh Neufeld Comes to Visit, discusses his work and non-fiction comics   Mask work in Sheila…

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Cara Bean’s 3-Color Accordion Book, Fundraiser Gift

SAW student and colleague Cara Bean made this lovely 3-color accordion book, just finished with help by Eric Taylor of SouthSprings/Sweat Press. This is just one of the books you will receive in the SAW 2015 Indiegogo fundraiser, here: Covers coming off the riso.   Too many colors: 2nd pass of interiors, black and green: 3rd pass of interiors, black, green and pink, gluing to covers.   Trying…

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