Early accepted applications will receive 10% off year’s tution


This year, we are going out of our way to make the school student-centered. We’ve added a governing board of entirely students and former students, and we’re offering scholarships and discounts for early applications. This year, for 2018-2019, we’re offering 10% year-long base price to those who apply before March 1. Apply here to learn more!

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ONLINE OPEN HOUSE! June 5, 8 pm!

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https://www.facebook.com/events/272078976595870/ Ever wish you could see SAW for yourself? Peek inside the crazy comics clubhouse that is the Sequential Artists Workshop this Monday for a Facebook Live Open House. You’ll meet Tom Hart, SAW founder and author of the NYT best-selling graphic memoir Rosalie Lightning, plus SAW students, alumni and other cartoonists who make up our vibrant community. During the Open House, SAW cartoonists will show you our drool-worthy…

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Online Testimonials 1

Our first round of testimonials, for Tom Hart’s Storytelling Flow From Storytelling Flow: “I’m really pleased with how quickly a (somewhat) cogent plot has developed from minimal voluntary invention on my part. …Another thing that is interesting about this is that it’s started me sketching again, which I honestly have not done to any great degree in probably five or six years.” – Theodore Malian   “It’s a lot more…

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Life is short, make comics. (Part I)

It was published in Ink Brick #3.

  Does this sound like you? For a few years before SAW, my creative life was not going so well. I had an OK-could-be-more-frequent-more-discliplined studio practice. I had a healthy journaling practice. Every once in a while I’d get struck by lightning. An entire comic would come to my mind’s eye and I’d put it down. I still felt unsure about whether I really wanted to make comics. Most of…

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Lives you’ve helped change…

YOU help our students succeed.  Need more proof that your donation helps? Thanks to you, here’s how you’ve changed some of our artists’ lives. “The teachers at The Sequential Artist’s Workshop work with you individually and as a group to address all of these areas of concern and foster growth by equipping you with new sources of inspiration, tools, techniques and of course, with knowledge. Perhaps most importantly, SAW’s…

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How to not be afraid of a Risograph

Within our first week of classes, Tom showed us the risograph in the corner of the classroom (it’s an upgrade to your common photocopier, commonly used in printing comics). Hearing horror stories that it was a complicated, finicky, loud and frankly downright intimidating machine, I was convinced there was no way I’d ever be able to learn how to use it. It became a personal mission to avoid at…

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New Testimonials

Friends, thank you for year-end donations to SAW at our fundraiser link. igg.me/p/saw-2015-fundraiser/x/115742 You’ve helped students like Chance, Michelle,  Jenny and Joseph: I trust myself now to give one hell of a story whether it be one panel or a crazy number of pages and I also trust myself to keep going if that story falls flat. The confidence is real and I don’t think I could have done that…

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First student zines

Flickr Page of Student Work

Our first zines from the first semester are rolling off the risograph. Here’s a look at Ceili Braidwood’s Hai Tea/Tea Ku: The first Riso zines by SAW students are coming off the press. This lovely one, Hai Tea/Tea Ku by Ceili  send-me-letters  

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Review of SAW minis at TCJ

Thanks to Rob Clough for giving some of our students work a close lookin’ at. Here’s the final, summary paragraph: The sense I get from SAW’s first year is that Hart’s aim was to create a collaboration and dialogue with his students, rather than create a rigid differentiation between the teacher and his pupils. With a tiny faculty and a small class size, SAW seems like a remarkably intimate…

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