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How to not be afraid of a Risograph

Posted by December 18th, 2014 No Comments »

Within our first week of classes, Tom showed us the risograph in the corner of the classroom (it’s an upgrade to your common photocopier, commonly used in printing comics). Hearing horror stories that it was [...]


New Testimonials

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Friends, thank you for year-end donations to SAW at our fundraiser link. You’ve helped students like Chance, Michelle,  Jenny and Joseph: I trust myself now to give one hell of a story whether it [...]


Why you should study at SAW

Posted by May 22nd, 2013 21 Comments »

Why you should study at SAW: SAW is a place like no other in the American comics world right now. An intensive, informal school; a fully functioning two-leveled studio; a stocked library of inspiration, reference [...]


Note from a student

Posted by September 12th, 2011 26 Comments »

This note came from Michael Glover, a many-time student of mine. I thought I’d answer him here. Tom, Hey man, just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for introducing me to the [...]