Feeling Anxious? Part 1

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Feeling ANXIOUS? Nervous about the world? Unsettled, like everything is about to SQUASH YOU? Join the club! Comics has long been an artform of ANXIETY. A way for artists to express their fear and frustration with society, technology, war, disasters, death and any other horrible thing. Below are some of my favorite examples. It’s all in a PDF in our FREE ONLINE RESOURCES, too. A classic one from Popeye! Thimble…

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The Wonderful World Of Wood’s Details

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Topic: DRAWING DEPTH AND DETAILS ONLINE COURSE with Justine Mara Andersen In my upcoming on-line class about depth and details I will not be talking about the above image… though I should be. The truth is, I should have been including this image every year… but I haven’t. So, here it is now, a spectacular Wally Wood splash page. It’s not only chock-full of great details, it’s not only brilliantly…

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African Comics at MSU


In 2015, I took a trip to Lansing, Michigan to visit MSU, and was overwhelmed by their amazing library. They had on display at the time some of their hundreds of comics published in Africa. These are some of the quickie photos I took of this amazing work. Next post, I’ll post some of the rest of the library, including some shots of Randy the librarian playing the upright bass.

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Presentations on Humanizing


We showed two Presentation and homework for November 28, 2016. For those who missed it we watched two film essays, and discussed with grim sadness the situation in Allepo, through the twitter feed of the 7-year old girl, Bana Alabed, who I pray is alive when you read this. Below are the films and some quick points I gleaned from them. Some notes I took: -It’s about the emotional…

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First student zines

Flickr Page of Student Work

Our first zines from the first semester are rolling off the risograph. Here’s a look at Ceili Braidwood’s Hai Tea/Tea Ku: The first Riso zines by SAW students are coming off the press. This lovely one, Hai Tea/Tea Ku by Ceili  send-me-letters  

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SAW Micro-grant winners, Sept 2013

We want to thank all the cartoonists, young and old, north and south, who submitted to the SAW Micro-grant this 3rd round, Sept 2013. The SAW Micro-grant was begun from an awareness that artists need to look everywhere to find the support and money they need to keep going. We wish we had more to offer, but so long as we have this micro-amount, we want it to help…

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Ron Rege’s Riso Comic made at SAW

Ron Rege made this book at SAW last March, and is offering copies for sale at his site. Read Below and order directly from Ron: *  I just got back the remaining dozen copies of VIBRATIONAL EXERCISE  *  It’s a set of 3 risograph  mini comics made during my SAW workshop this past March. * * * THESE ARE THE FINAL 12 COPIES! * * * (of the edition of 100) Set of three…

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Recommended Books

I’ve had some requests for booklists for learning comics. I posted this list in 2006. I’ll update it later but for now, here it is: Recommended Books WRITING first, then COMICS and CRAFT   Peter Elbow: Writing Without Teachers “The core of Elbow’s thinking is a challenge against traditional writing methods. Instead of editing and outlining material in the initial steps of the writing process, Elbow celebrates non-stop or…

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