Adult Classes

New adult classes in Summer / Fall  2017 2018

We’re offering several optional classes this summer and fall for adults. Check below for specific dates. All classes will be at SAW’s new location, unless otherwise noted.

James Turek Hidden Fortress


The Hidden Fortress: 

Comics Creation with James Turek

This class is intended to help bring students to focus and develop personal vision. Storytelling, characters, and methods will be explored in an insightful and practical manner. Students will gain a deeper understanding of their own capabilities and build confidence in their approach towards comics creation.

All levels; beginners welcome.

For more about this course, check out our HIDDEN FORTRESS blog post. 

Sliding Scale: $250, $325, or $450 (pay what you can afford). To register, visit the Eventbrite page.

About the Instructor:

James Turek is the author of Motel Shangri La and Make My Day. He is a founding member of The Millionaire’s Club, Leipzig Germany’s independent Comics and Graphics festival. In 2014 he and cartoonist Anna Haifisch co-founded a mini-comics publishing house for German speakers, Tiny Masters. He was awarded the Comics Union of Northern Europe’s (CUNE) residency in Riga, Latvia.

Enroll in the HIDDEN FORTRESS on Eventbrite!

Eventbrite - Hidden Fortress: Comics Creation with James Turek



New class starting Sept 11st at the Sequential Artists Workshop!

Mondays, 6:30-9:00 pm

Drawing Strategies with Sidney Davidson

When Sidney proposed this class, he said, “It’s difficult to find resources on drawing from the imagination that are easily comprehensible. BUT there is tremendous freedom and satisfaction in the ability to draw whatever you want from any angle you want.”

Sidney’s Drawing Strategies class will teach you:
-how to draw any object, from any angle regardless of complexity
-how to draw anything from the imagination
-how to draw objects consistently and accurately with ease
-the ability to think and visualize in three dimensions

The class will run in two, six week sections:

Section 1 is foundational. It covers the raw, analytical, logical side to the techniques. We will be drawing motorcycles, cars, buildings etc.

Section 2 teaches you how to creatively and cohesively implement the skills you learned in Section 1. We’ll be learning how to draw interiors, exteriors, anatomy, and keep things looking consistent from panel to panel. Plus, we’ll cover designing objects.

Classes are sliding scale. There is a substantial discount when you sign up for both sections upfront. You can also sign up for Section 2 later, but without the discount.

Sliding scale options for each individual 6 week section:

Sliding Scale options for both classes (all 12 weeks)


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Want to know more?


Watch Sidney talk with Tom and Michael about the class, visualization vs reference, and the lack of resources on drawing from the imagination:

Our individual faculty members are also available for single workshops in drawing techniques, etc. Please contact to inquire about those.


14 thoughts on “Adult Classes

  1. I absolutely love SAW. It was fun and relaxing and a wonderful experience. I attended their two week teen summer program creating a six page comic which was displayed at one of the Art Walks. SAW is a sanctuary for budding artists who can learn the basics or for those artists like myself are a little rusty 🙂

  2. I’ve had my eye on this program for about a year now and have only just learned about these adult classes. I’m so hopeful to start taking them in the Fall but I have a few questions. Do the prices shown cover the entire semester or are they per class? What materials would I be expected to bring to these classes? Is the Comics Basics class from 6:30-9pm like the others? Is the Cartooning class open to beginners? Also is there an application process I would have to go through to take these courses?

    • Hi Aliya, Thanks for writing a comment. The prices above are for the course. In the case of Jess’s class, they are 7 or 6 weeks. In the case of Kurt’s, 14 weeks. There are no applications needed for these classes. If you sign up we would let you know what materials you need. The Cartooning Class is open to beginners, yes.

  3. I am interested in the gouache I & II courses – but at 60 years old, would I be out of place? I have been an artist most of my life, but always struggled with painting – go figure. also, what brand of gouache is required? (these paints are expensive!). I love the work that SAW shares with the city.

  4. Hi Pat-

    I don’t think you would be our of place at all. Eleanor Blair took our classes over the summer and loved them!

    As for materials, Jess will be publishing that shortly!

    Hope to see you there,

    Tom Hart@SAW

  5. My wife has always liked painting and drawing and now that our kids are a little older, she has a little more time to herself. I think that she would love to take a painting class like this one to help her expand her talents. It would also help her to be an example to our kids of how to be creative. I will talk to her about signing up for a class.

  6. Hello, Interested in your 7 week summer course. Can you let me know if this will take place. Also interested in the year long program starting in August/September 2017

  7. Sydney Davidson’s course sounds fascinating. Is there a chance it will become an online course?

  8. Hi there! I have been drawing since I can’t remember. I am wondering if Sidney’s class would be right for me, since it is a beginner’s class. However, if other people who have backgrounds in art suggest it, I’m totally down to take it! I would like to get into comics, graphics, and out of drawing strictly from life. I’ve attached my website for reference to what I’m used to drawing.

    Thanks a bunch!

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