Low-Residency Weeks


Next Low-Residency Week: MAY 4-8,  2015

 We will work with you online to reach your goals. With our optional Low-Residency Option, you can come to SAW in May or October to connect with other students, meet our faculty and reach your goals.

We’re recently finished our May 5 – May 9, 2014 low-residency week. Check our Flickr and Facebook for glimpses into that.

Our next low-residency week will be  MAY 4-8,  2015. We’ll work online with you in critiques and discussion to help you reach your goals, and then come to SAW for one week to study with our faculty in a curriculum designed specifically for you and the other students.

Low Res Drawing
Tom Teach
Tom Teaching

Low -Residency Specifics:

$200-400 (sliding scale) for the Low-Residency week at SAW, which will be Monday Sept 29 – Friday Oct 3, 2014, from 11-5 each day. The curriculum will consist of detailed workshopping and precise exercises designed to benefit our specific student body. Each of our three core instructors will guide at least one day’s workshop, and we will bring in other artists and influencing mentors where needed.

We offer online tutoring before and after the workshop. Please see this page or contact us for more info.

A goals of the week include:

• Getting to know each other and each other’s work. This includes faculty Tom Hart and Justine Mara Andersen as well. We’ll show our previous work and show the projects we are currently in the middle of.

• Sharing of goals with our particular projects.

• Critique and sharing of work-to-date

• Brief exercises to prepare next stage of work

• Lectures, exercises and instruction, mixed with ample work time

• Technical tutorials and exercises catered to the specific goals of the students

• Movie night

• Final sharing of work, goal reassessment and

The week will mostly be conducted by Tom Hart with Justine Mara Andersen and will feature at least one guest lecture/critique/ tutorial by Unterzakhn creator Leela Corman.

A rough outline of the week:

MONDAY- Intros and Project Building with Tom Hart and Justine Mara Andersen

TUESDAY – Further exploration of our projects. Lectures and exercises led by Tom Hart

WEDNESDAY – Drawing exercise and tutorials by Justine Mara Andersen. Movie night after hours.

THURSDAY – Guest lecture and exercise by Unterzakhn creator Leela Corman. Work time led by Tom Hart

FRIDAY – Work time and final critique and goal setting with Justine Mara Andersen and Tom Hart

Sign up , it’s sliding scale :

Sliding Scale

Or for more details, email us at admin@sequentialartistsworkshop.org


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More pics:

SAW Low-Res Week, 2012

SAW Low-Res Week, 2012

SAW Low-Res Week, 2012

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Important information about HOUSING:

Price does not include housing.

We will make every effort to house the participants in informal and empty rooms in friendly houses in the Gainesville area. If there is a charge, it will fall on the student. We will make every effort to keep this affordable for the week. Most houses will be walking distance from SAW, but some may need bikes. We will try to accomodate this too. We will post more info as soon as we know, and email all participants personally with assistance in finding places to stay. Participants are invited to email us for assistance.

For those interested, we also recommend the Gainesville Zen Hostel, here.

Or Couchsurfing.Org, here. 

Or AirBandB, which has spare beds and bedrooms in various houses, check them out here: https://www.airbnb.com/s/Gainesville–FL

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