Online Consulting

Online Consulting:

We can work with you to reach your storytelling or visual goals.

$35/hr for our professional online critiques and personal guidance. You can choose to work with Tom Hart, Justine Mara Andersen or any combination at any time. Charges will apply to reading student work as well as active time spent critiquing, skyping, emailing, etc.

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Justine is ready to help you accomplish your visual or storytelling goals. Student Elvis gushes about their time at SAW “We got a mega-lecture by Justine about depth and clarity, and capturing these in details of a drawing. Totally inspiring and a few of us left awe-struck, after gazing at countless Hudson River School landscape paintings, and Justine’s simply stunning ink work.”

 Other Justine testimonials:

“Justine is the very embodyment of the artist’s profile. I’ve known her for many years, and have been a fan from the very beginning. She is extremely gifted, and will be on hand to help your students open the doors of perception. – F.Thorne

“She actually teaches and builds on ideas.” – Mike King, Philladelphia
Tom’s not so bad either. Contact us if you’re interested in online consulting/tutoring.