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2016: SAW is running a two-week intensive class from June 13-June 24 that will run Monday-Friday from 10 am – 4 pm each weekday. WEEK ONE IS SOLD OUT. THERE ARE STILL SLOTS IN WEEK TWO

Week 1, June 13-17 will focus on exercises and skill building and short-term projects. Will work on all the skills of comic book creation, including character design, figure drawing, story writing and tool technique.
Week 2 June 20-24 will focus on one long story per student that we will then gather into a collected book at the end of the week. They will finish a 5-8 page story that will be collected into a group book to be published at the end of the workshop. Friday night June 24 will be Gainesville ArtWalk. We’ll show the students’ artwork on the walls and hold a gallery opening and book release party for all the participants!
 We have some room to support students in need; please email us at admin@sequentialartistsworkshop.org .
Instructors: Two instructors from SAW: Miranda Harmon and Sally Cantirino

Two weeks: June 13-June 24
Monday – Friday, 10 am – 4 pm

Week 1, June 13-17
or Week 2, June 20-24

Student Name

We have some room to support students in need; please email us at admin@sequentialartistsworkshop.org .




kids classesetc 2016

We’ll be offering a kid’s class for ages 7-10, from  June 27-July 1.
Classes will be 10am-1pm each day.
Price: $95.00

Student’s Name

We have two slots available for children in need. Please contact us..

We hope to have a class also in August, stay tuned or let us know.

18 thoughts on “Teen and Youth Classes

  1. My 13 year old daughter (Shae) loves drawing manga. She is getting very good at it, but needs some guidance .She is all ways talking about doing her own book one day. She just doesn’t have the confidence to do so. Please contact me if this teen class can help her. Also what it may cost? Thank You.

    • Hi Danielle

      We indeed have taught lots of people who love manga. We have a new 4-week class coming up October 20 at The Doris Center, taught by Sally Cantirino.

      Click The DORIS link above for more info. You can also call them at (352) 505-5062

      We may have something more intensive after the holidays also.


      Tom Hart@SAW

      • Thank you for the info. I told my daughter about it and she was very excited…

    • Hi Danielle! We’re running our class directly at SAW on Saturdays starting Jan 12. You can sign your daughter up now. Hope to see you!


    • We may do some in early April-May if there is a call for it, otherwise definitely a two week intensive in the early summer!

      Keep in touch and check back, thanks!

  2. Hi, Our homeschool group might be interested in a class. Is there anyone who would be interested in teaching a morning class and if so how much would it cost?

  3. This class sounds really great. I’m moving to Gainesville on August 15. Any chance you’ll do it again in the fall?

  4. I was wondering if there will be a online class for the teenagers because I’m 13 and I would really like to take part in this class but I live too far away. I can draw manga to a extent but I’m still not very good at it and so far this is the only site that I have found that has a class for people my age and I would really like a chance to improve my drawing skills. If prior work is needed to place where I stand I can send some pictures that I have scanned onto my computer.

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