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Announcing Julia Gfrorer at SAW March 5-9, 2018

Julia Gfrorer‘s comics are unmistakable, singular visions–narratives that ache with longing and despair, as poignant in their silences as in their actions. Whether she’s drawing stories about persecution in ancient Rome (“Palm Ash“), a dying sailor adrift in the ocean (“Black is the Color“), a supernaturally touched widow in a plague-ravaged city (“Laid Waste“) or an excruciating pornographic retelling of Poe’s “Cask of Amontillado” (“In Pace Requiescat,” with Sean T. Collins), Gfrorer captures the humanity in horror and the horror in humanity.

Reading her comics, alive with nervous energy, is like cracking bones to suck marrow. The Sequential Artists Workshop invites you to come plumb the dark depths of your inspiration with a master of the art.

Register now for a reduced price of $275. Or you can reserve your spot with a $75 deposit (deposits will go towards your tuition) and lock in the reduced price. Click here to register via Eventbrite.

Julia Gfrorer at SAW


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Important information about HOUSING:

Price does not include housing.

We will make every effort to house the participants in informal and empty rooms in friendly houses in the Gainesville area. If there is a charge, it will fall on the student. We will make every effort to keep this affordable for the week. Most houses will be walking distance from SAW, but some may need bikes. We will try to accommodate this too. We will post more info as soon as we know, and email all participants personally with assistance in finding places to stay. Participants are invited to email us for assistance.

For those interested, we also recommend the Gainesville Zen Hostel, here.

Or Couchsurfing.Org, here. 

Or AirBandB, which has spare beds and bedrooms in various houses, check them out here:–FL

This FACEBOOK Group has young people in Gainesville looking for apartments, rooming situations, etc.

This one is particularly queer-friendly:



Spring 2017: Laura Park!





Spring 2016:

Aidan Koch 2016

First, Aidan Koch will be returning Feb 29-March 4. Her workshop in 2015 amazed all the attendees.

Sam Alden canceled due to professional obligations. Sorry everyone. Stay tuned for more info about a future workshop…

Spring 2015: Aidan Koch and Ed Piskor

Aidan Koch at SAWEd PIskor at SAW

We’re unbelievably excited to announce next year’s SAW Visiting Artist Workshops for Spring 2015.

Aidan Koch

March 2-6, 2015 sees Adian Koch come to Gainesville. Koch’s lyrical, moving and often abstract comics have been wowing people for years since we first saw The Whale in 2010 and then her Xeric Award-Winning The Blonde Woman. Since then, she has out-shined anyone working with similar methods or material be it abstraction, paint, color, memory or nature.

Her workshop happens during UF /Santa Fe Spring Break. You can see Aidan Koch’s website here.
Aidan Koch Images

Ed Piskor

The following week SAW welcomes Ed Piskor, crazy genius behind Hip-Hop Family Tree (Fantagraphics) and Wizzywig (Top Shelf).

Hip-Hop Family Tree was the comic destined to happen. Somewhere in early 1980s there is cosmic particle rattling around Manhattan and The Bronx, and that particle said “take me to the one who will document this” and it smacked Ed Piskor in 2010 right in the third eye.

Piskor’s website is  is here . He comes to Gainesville March 9-13, 2015.

Ed PIskor Hip Hop Family Tree Images



John Porcellino in Chicago, June 2-6, 2014


We were honored to team up with The Chicago Publishing Resource Center to host John Porcellino for his terrific week-long workshop, “Making Comics Out of Life.”

Chicago Publishing Resource Center

This workshop was Monday June 2- Friday June 6, 2014 at the ChiPRC, 858 N. Ashland Avenue.

Directions and info about the space in Chicago:



Does not include housing.  SAW, John and the ChiPRC are offering no assistance in finding Chicago housing, though SAW can put students in touch with each other if need be. Email us. Please be resourceful, try, or airbandb, or friends of friends. 

More pics and info about the workshop from our own blog:


And John P’s diary:

Thanks to  Gabrielle Bell and Dash Shaw!

Feb/March in Gainesville is a beautiful time to study comics. Come learn comics in winter 2014 with Dash Shaw Feb 24-28 and Gabrielle Bell the following week, March 3-7.


————————— Classes run roughly 6 hours a day with a break for lunch. ————————— Dash Shaw by Seth Kushner

DASH SHAW‘s latest book New School is just out from Fantagraphics and getting rave reviews. Shaw is a brilliant innovator who has made numerous ground-breaking graphic novels as well as animations for IFC and Sigur Ros. We’re honored to have him here in 2014. (From the Fantagraphics website): Dash Shaw is a cartoonist and animator in Brooklyn, New York. His graphic novel New School has been receiving rave reviews.  Recent books include Bodyworld and Bottomless Belly Button and his animated works include “Wheel of Fortune” and the IFC series The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century AD. In 2008 Diego Cortez curated Bottomless, an exhibition of Shaw’s original drawings, storyboards, color background overlays and a new video animation, for Duke University’s John Hope Franklin Center. Shaw is currently working on an animated feature produced by John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and his Shortbus producer Howard Gertler (How to Survive a Plague).