We at SAW are happy to help non-profits, public agencies, etc. help get their message across. Contact us if you’d like help with your story.

A few projects we have created that we are proud of:


Justine Andersen created this video for the Institutional Repository at UF. What’s that? Click and see!


Taking Charge

For UF Health, artist Leela Corman and designer Tom Hart created this info book for teenagers with artificial hearts.
Shands Freedom Driver Book
Shands Freedom Driver Book

PDF to book coming soon.

The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan

This book is a retelling of The Odyssey for veterans of our current wars. Written by Bryan Doerries, who has produced hundreds of plays about war and PTSD for veterans, this book was co-edited by Tom Hart of SAW, and lettered by SAW graduate Sally Cantirino who also colored a section of it. Star artist Justine Mara Andersen drew 17 pages, one of which is below. This book is still in production.Odyssey JMA Page 1

You can read more about Justine’s contributions here: and here:


Cease the Grease

This animation for Dallas Public Works, written, produced and with sound design by Marty Abrahams was animated by Tom Hart with character animation by Jim Petropolous.


$20 Bill

Tom Hart, with the team at Marsteller in New York, created many marketing materials including games and interactive videos for The United States Treasury with the relaunch of their $20 and $50. See some of that in the reel, below


Our animation reel:





How To Say Everything
Tom Hart’s 200-page treatise on coming up with ideas, on working from your personal obsessions and images and ideas to create meaningful comics. Full of essays and more than 50 exercises. This book is IN PROGRESS (about 90%-95% finished.)

Buy the hardcopy here in progress here:

Saw Comic Strip Guide

SAW Strip Book CoverThis is the book you need if you have any interest in making good comic strips.A 83-page book on the comic strip from “What size do I draw?” to conceiving ideas to drawing and inking and coloring. PAPERBACK, 7.95 or PDF, 3.99:Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
EPUB for IPad and other readers: coming as soon as we get the bugs worked out

She’s Not Into Poetry

SAW Strip Book Cover

PAPERBACK, 16.95 or PDF, 4.99:Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
EPUB for IPad and other readers: coming as soon as we get the bugs worked out
A 272-page collection of Tom Hart’s celebrated mini-comics from the early and mid-90s. Including Love Looks Left, The Angry Criminal, Maria, New Hat, Mañana, Heike and more. Described by Tom Spurgeon as “As good a sustained output in mini-comics by anyone not named John Porcellino” and hailed by John Porcellino as “Some of my favorite comics of the 1990s.” Don’t miss these personal, strange and hilarious comics.


Gillis Book
SAW is proud to present this 80-booklet of the cartooning of Gil Murray, a Gainesville artist who has been published in The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor and Evergreen Review, among others. His wordless pen and ink drawings depict relationships bewteen man and woman, camel and hump, goat and goatee, bats and belfries as well as quantum phylogenetics vs lollipops.

$7.00 postpaid to SAW. Send us via paypal

Seriously Comics

A lo-fi, lo-brow homage to I LIKE COMICS (1994 zine by Peter Bagge) and love letter to NYC comic scene.

Stephanie Mannheim and Tom Hart edited this newspaper which features interviews with Dash Shaw, Gary Panter and Keith Mayerson, a fumetti staring Jason Little and Stacey Nightmare, various articles and other goodies. 20 pages, black and white newsprint.Download the free pdf.


A tabloid newspaper full of single-page comics by Tom Hart’s students.

16 pages, features great work by Hilary Allison, Alexander Rothman, Stephanie Mannheim, Maria Sputnik, The Illustrious Alabaster and more. Download the free pdf.

To order by mail: ISRA and SERIOUSLY COMICS together: $4.00

Other projects in progress:

The Seen

Currently we’re casting a net out for what we’re calling The Seen, a blog and potential book collection of comic-art “remakes.” The project we most famously inspired is Josh Bayer’s ROM. Were also encouraging other artists to tackle some of the work that inspires them.

ALRIGHT- CANCEL THAT, and just go over to the REDRAWN TUMBLR BLOG, Go Melissa and Chuck!

4 thoughts on “Projects

  1. The High Springs Historical Society is currently needing a logo for our museum. We are a nonprofit 501(c)3. Is this something you could help us design, if so how much would your services cost?

  2. We are wanting a logo design with a train crossing over a bridge with the wording High Springs Historical Society and Museum around the outside. Is this something you can do if so would there be a charge?

  3. Dear Tom, I enjoyed the article about you in the Gainesville Dun and the subsequent, powerful graphic images and story lines you created of local homeless citizens. GRACE, the county’s one-stop center for homeless services and placement into permanent housing, is celebrating its third birthday on Thursday, June 15 at Trinity United Methodist Church from 11:30-1. It is a free lunch with no strings attached. Would you like to be my guest? Also, your wife, of course, is welcome to attend as well, or any students at SAW. I am a GRACE board member.

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