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Comix Strategies by Tom Hart
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4 Color Process by John Hilgart
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Found Abstract Comics by Erin Curry
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The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan

We at SAW are incredibly proud to have packaged and contributed to this book. Written by the genius Bryan Doerries, drawn in part by SAW’s Justine Mara Andersen and Jess Ruliffson, lettered co-colored by SAW’s Sally Cantirino and co-edited and packaged by Tom Hart, this is an important book we hope everyone will see and share.

The Odyssey Of Sergeant Jack Brennan
by Bryan Doerries, Joëlle Jones and various

The publisher says:
Jack Brennan is a Marine Corps sergeant whose infantry squad has been cleared to return home from a grueling deployment to Afghanistan. A few years prior, Sergeant Brennan lost one of his closest friends—a young combat veteran—to suicide and has vowed to do everything in his power to keep his Marines from a similar fate. On their last night in-country, Brennan, who has long kept a tattered copy of the Odyssey with him on deployment, shares his version of Homer’s classic with his fellow soldiers to help prepare them for the transition back home. Brennan plunges into a rich retelling of Odysseus’s long journey home from the battlefield at Troy, during which Odysseus and his men confront numerous obstacles—from the lure of a psychedelic lotus plant to ghoulish shades in the Land of the Dead to the seductive songs of the deadly Sirens—as they try to make it back to Greece. Along the way, Brennan and his fellow Marines map the struggles faced by Odysseus and his men onto their own—isolation, addiction, guilt, depression, and loss. Through his retelling, Brennan reminds his squad that the gulf separating the battlefield from the home front is deep, wide, and sometimes hard to cross—that it is possible to travel all the way home and, like the characters in the Odyssey, still feel lost at sea. Tragic, poignant, and at times funny and hopeful, The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan brilliantly conveys the profound challenges that many of today’s veterans face upon returning to civilian life, even as it tells “the oldest war story of all time.” 160pgs colour paperback.



Gillis features the cartooning of Gil Murray, a Gainesville artist who has been published in, among others, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor and Evergreen Review. His wordless pen and ink drawings depict relationships between man and woman, camel and hump, goat and goatee, bats and belfries as well as quantum phylogenetics vs. lollipops.
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For Music Lovers features the music cartoons of Gil Murray, who has been published in, among others, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor and Evergreen Review. His wordless pen and ink drawings here reflect the love delight and agony of an artist at work.
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We also publish books of our teaching or of value to the medium. How To Say Everything
Tom Hart’s 200-page treatise on coming up with ideas, on working from your personal obsessions and images and ideas to create meaningful comics. Full of essays and more than 50 exercises. This book is IN PROGRESS (about 90%-95% finished.)Buy the hardcopy here in progress here: Comic Strip GuideShe’s Not Into Poetry

SAW Strip Book CoverThis is the book you need if you have any interest in making good comic strips.A 83-page book on the comic strip from “What size do I draw?” to conceiving ideas to drawing and inking and coloring. PAPERBACK, 7.95 or PDF, 3.99:Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

SAW Strip Book Cover

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EPUB for IPad and other readers: coming as soon as we get the bugs worked out
A 272-page collection of Tom Hart’s celebrated mini-comics from the early and mid-90s. Including Love Looks Left, The Angry Criminal, Maria, New Hat, Mañana, Heike and more. Described by Tom Spurgeon as “As good a sustained output in mini-comics by anyone not named John Porcellino” and hailed by John Porcellino as “Some of my favorite comics of the 1990s.” Don’t miss these personal, strange and hilarious comics.