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World Encyclopedia of Cartoons D-G

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WORLD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CARTOONS D-G Gus Dirks, 1901 Boris Drucker, Saturday Evening Post. Dr. Seuss before becoming a children’s book author, doing a cover for Judge. John B. Gruelle, Judge Rose O’Neill, The Kewpie Korner […]


Cartoon Cavalcade 1941-1943

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Syd Hoff Collier’s 1943 Carl Rose>, Collier’s 1942 Helen Hokinson, Collier’s 1942 These next two are from E. Simms Campbell, New York Journal-American 1942 These next three are by H. T. Webster, New York Herald […]


CARTOON CAVALADE: World War I and the Impudent Decade

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Clare Briggs, New York Tribune 1917 Eugene “ZIM” Zimmerman, Judge 1917 Torbell, Life 1917 Orson Lowell, Judge 1917 Thomas Starling Sullivant, Life 1918 Jay Norwood “Ding” Darling, Des Moines Register 1918 Ellison Hoover, Life 1920 […]