Thanks to Gabrielle Bell and Dash Shaw for teaching week-long workshops

It was a fabulous, adventurous, great couple of weeks at SAW. We want to THANK DASH SHAW and GABRIELLE BELL for conducting week-long workshops. Pictures of each at our FLICKR. Dash had the students doing writing exercises from prompts on the first day, and 10-minute comics from prompts on the second. Then each student was given a hand-picked assignment by Dash to render in 16 pages in 3 days,…

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Info about the Dash Shaw Workshop for attendees

Hi guests and attendees, We’re very excited you’ll be attending the Dash Shaw workshop next week! See below for a map of the immediate area. Class will run from 11-5 every day with Dash in charge of lunchtime, extended times, etc. If you haven’t located SAW on google maps or anything yet, it’s 18 SE 5th Ave, Gainesville 32601, but that isn’t a real address, so you can also…

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Abstraction in Contemporary Sequential Art Gallery Show

Abstraction in Sequential Art Show

Tumblr post here Non Sequitur:Abstraction in Contemporary Sequential Art Featuring: Pat Aulisio, Derek Ballard, Josh Bayer, Erin Curry, CF, Hellen Jo, Aidan Koch, Emma Louthan, Molly Colleen O’Connell, Gary Panter, Raymond Pettibon, Ron Rege Jr, Frank Santoro, Dash Shaw, and Angie Wang Curated by Tom Hart of the Sequential Artist’s Workshop, Jeff Owens, and Chase Westfall February 28 – March 26, 2014 Opening Reception: Friday, Feb. 28, 7-10pm Special Event: Sequential S’mores – Progressive Art…

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Dash Shaw’s Supply List for Feb 24-28 SAW Workshop

Dash Shaw Image

Dash Shaw writes and asks that you bring the following supplies (These are all easy to get at Central Florida Office Supply, 11 blocks away) 1.  A ream of 8.5 X 11″ computer paper. (SAW will have some to start with, if you want to wait til Monday or so to buy your own in town at CFOP.) 2.  Pens.  Whatever you normally draw with, plus some general office…

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Amazing Comics Show in Gainsesville, FL, Opens Feb 28. Shaw, Santoro, Koch, Jo, Wang, Bayer, Pettibon and lots more

Pictures instead of Sounds

  Non Sequitur: Abstraction in Contemporary Sequential Art Organized with guest curators Tom Hart and Jeff Owens featuring: Pat Ausilio, Derek Ballard, Josh Bayer, Erin Curry, CF (Christopher Forgues), Hellen Jo, Aidan Koch, Emma Louthan, Molly Colleen O’Connell, Gary Panter, Raymond Pettibon, Frank Santoro, Dash Shaw, and Angie Wang Feb. 26 – Mar. 26, 2014 (opening reception Friday, Feb. 28) Co Curated by Tom Hart at The Sequential Artists…

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Feb 24-28 is going to be Dash Shaw week in Gainesville

Das Shaw New School

Dash Shaw is teaching at SAW the week of Feb 24-28, but in addition, he’ll be in three other places in town. Tuesday Feb 25, Dash will be screening his animation at The Church of Holy Colors, on SE 5th Ave. And his art will be on display with Gabrielle Bell’s at Cinders Gallery Satellite, FLA Gallery.  Thursday Feb 27 his art will be in the opening of the Sequencer…

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Dash Shaw and Gabrielle Bell in Winter 2014

Feb/March in Gainesville is a beautiful time to study comics. Come learn comics in winter 2014 with Dash Shaw Feb 24-28 and Gabrielle Bell the following week, March 3-7 BOTH WORKSHOPS ARE AT OR NEAR CAPACITY. Email if you want to squeeze in. ————————— DASH SHAW‘s latest book New School is just out from Fantagraphics and getting rave reviews. Shaw is a brilliant innovator who has made numerous ground-breaking graphic…

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Visiting Dash Shaw in the studio

Stephanie was dispatched this week over to interview Dash Shaw for Seriously, Comics. Not sure what they discussed, but she sent some pics. This is a good time to remind you all of Dash and John Cameron Mitchell’s kickstarter for the animation project that is hinted at in these pics and can be learned about here:

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What we’re reading: Sprott, Bodyworld

Spent the day reading comics while wrangling a very active 9 month old. First, Bodyworld by Dash Shaw, then Sprott 1894-1975 by Seth. Bodyworld, like some of Shaw’s work put me off a little at first:a bit garishly drawn, sometimes overtly unappealing drawings, a lot of unnecessary-looking artificiality, and just flipping through its pages, it looks rather self-indulgent. But I always underestimate Dash’s intelligence. (Wait- that’s not right. I…

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