Thank You!


(Above image by Dana Maier, from Emily Flake’s Gag Cartooning Class!) Hi everyone! It’s only been 6 months since we started taking our courses online and you’ve been great in responding with terrific engagement and work. When I started this school, it was to empower people to express themselves through visual and sequential art, so thank you! Here’s a quick celebration and sampling of some of what you’ve been…

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Ball Point Boxers

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? The Backstory In 1950, LIFE Magazine published photos from an event dubbed “Ball Point Bathing Suits”… a racy cocktail party / fashion show at which popular strip cartoonists were invited to draw all over models in white swimtanks.  The photos were brought to our attention in 2009, courtesy of the Beat.  (“The Happiest Cartoonist of All Time,” original article.) “All that’s missing is a…

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