Feb 24-28 is going to be Dash Shaw week in Gainesville

Das Shaw New School

Dash Shaw is teaching at SAW the week of Feb 24-28, but in addition, he’ll be in three other places in town. Tuesday Feb 25, Dash will be screening his animation at The Church of Holy Colors, on SE 5th Ave. And his art will be on display with Gabrielle Bell’s at Cinders Gallery Satellite, FLA Gallery.  Thursday Feb 27 his art will be in the opening of the Sequencer…

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Visting Artist: Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels

Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, who’s lovely Meteorologie show (painting above) was just up at FLA Gallery here in Gainesville stopped by on her way out of town to do some Riso printing. I am always glad to offer the studio space to creative, adventurous artists (See Erin Curry’s amazing abstract comic, for instance. What Serra did is create little gems of geometric prints in flat gold on card and…

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