Two half-price John P. Workshop Scholarships Sponsored by CAKE


With less than one week before CAKE one week before the John Porcellino workshop at the Chicago PRC, the folks at CAKE are offering TWO half-price scholarships for people who have signed up for the Porcellino workshop next week. The scholarships will go to a random draw of  registered applicants. CAKE is happening THIS WEEKEND in the Billy Jean King Recreation Center, which is on the 3rd floor of…

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John Porcellino Post-CAKE Week-Long Workshop in Chicago, June 2-6, 2014

Chicago Publishing Resource Center

We’re honored to team up with The Chicago Publishing Resource Center to host John Porcellino for his terrific week-long workshop, “Making Comics Out of Life.” This workshop will be Monday June 2- Friday June 6, 2014 at the ChiPRC, 858 N. Ashland Avenue. Directions and info about the space in Chicago: John has run his workshop twice at SAW in Florida and is now bringing his warm, intelligent workshop to…

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For incoming students of the John Porcellino and Ron Rege workshops

We’re excited to welcome you to SAW in the next couple of weeks. We want to share with you John and Ron’s list of materials you may want to bring and/or brush up on. So far, John’s materials list is pretty small: “I think the students should bring whatever they feel most comfortable drawing with. –various pens, pencils, erasers, brushes, inks –preferred drawing paper –sketchbook –notebook (could be combined…

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John Porcellino Workshop, Feb 25-Mar 1, 2013

We’re pleased to bring John Porcellino back to SAW for a one-week workshop. John came down when SAW was a wee school, just a couple months old, and he taught 13 students for one week, his methods of working from memory, nature, and experience. Students came from Australia, Vermont, Georgia, Seattle, North Carolina, and the Gaza Strip to study with John. We’re bringing him back the week of Feb…

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John Porcellino’s SAW Diary

John Porcellino has been publishing a diary of his time at SAW in March 2012. That diary is being posted daily for one week at An excerpt below, the link is here. I arranged the desks, set up my projector, put out some King-Cats and book collections and waited. Sure enough, people came. Students came from Seattle, Chicago, New York, and as far away as Australia and the…

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Ron Rege and John Porcellino Workshops, Feb-March 2013

Ron Rege and John Porcellino coming to SAW in Spring 2013

Two Week-Long Intensives With John Porcellino and Ron Rege Feb 25 – March 8, 2013 JOHN PORCELLINO: Feb 25- March 1 RON REGE: March 4-March 8   Dreams, Visions and Inspiration: A Week-Long Intensive with John Porcellino, Feb 25-March 1 John Porcellino is returning to SAW to repeat his amazing week-long workshop this winter! John will guide students in this 5-day workshop from blank page to completing their own…

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News and Info – March 2012

News and info cut and pasted from our monthly newsletter: News from SAW The Sequential Artists Workshop in Gainesville, Florida has been teaching students, hosting visiting artists and promoting comics to our widening local and global community. Here’s some of what we’ve been up to this past month, as well as a list of upcoming classes and events. John Porcellino Visits Guides and Leaves King-Cat cartoonist John Porcellino came to…

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John Porcellino Workshop Wrap-Up

My many many thanks to John Porcellino for coming to Gainesville for 5 days to teach, and my many many thanks to the 14 students we had during the week. You produced great work, great times were had, and many positive new comics-creating neural pathways were created. Thanks to everyone, and congratulations. More photos on Faceybook and FlickrHello attendees of the John Porcellino workshop at SAW, Personal note to all…

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